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September 07 2012

Trailer for Christina Hendricks' latest movie "Ginger & Rosa". The Guardian has a world exclusive trailer for Christina Hendricks' new film playing at the TIFF.

It's also showing at the London Film Festival.

Are the film makers cutting costs with a "word exclusive" trailer?
This looks really good. Elle Fanning was one of the best kid actors I've seen, and it looks like she's growing up into a good teen actor as well. Looks like a strong cast all around, plus it's clear just from the title that it's going to pass the Bechdel test. I will look forward to seeing it. :-)
I really want to see this.
It does look good, but does anyone else think it's weird that they showed Christina Hendricks' face over and over but we never get to hear her talk? Makes me wonder if she has a David Boreanaz-type accent issue...

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