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September 07 2012

Alexis Denisof talks about 'Much Ado About Nothing'. The movie premieres tomorrow at the Toronto International Film Festival.

I'm surprised we still haven't seen a trailer.
That probaly wont happen til they find a distributer.
There's a reason why I like these actors, and how they work with Whedon.

Instead of saying that they weren't using old style clothing...
“We weren’t wearing tights and cod pieces,” Denisof says.
When I first started getting into Buffy and trying to explain what it was that was so fantastic about this show and what this guy Whedon was doing with his characters, I kept comparing him to Shakespeare. Really. I kept saying, look, Hamlet is a ghost story. MacBeth is a play about witches.

So Joss goes and makes a Shakespeare movie with no supernatural elements at all. But I really, really want to see this.
@barboo: I like what you said, barboo, and definitely Joss is a soulmate of the bard, a loving and learning adept of the greatest playwright. Joss finally doing a Shakespeare play (be supernatural elements in it or not) after so many Shakespearean echoes in his own works is a dream come true.

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