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September 07 2012

(SPOILER) First look at Buffy Season 9 #16 and Willow #2 cover art. Plus there's the usual solicitation info for these titles that are shipping in December.

"... she's torn from routine battle and forced to confront an ancient demon from her former lover's past!"

"The surprise return of a fan-favorite character!"

Both of those Willow covers are fantastic. A little Waterhouse, a little Mucha (ok, the variant is mucho Mucha.) and definitely two of the best Willow renditions I can recall.
I know he's new to the series, but changing the name to Willon just seems like a bad idea to me.
ILLYRIA!!! It HAS to be!!!

Hell yeah!!! :D
Illyria!!!!! :D ahhhhhhhh. Amazing!!!!

I think that Xander/Dawn cover is absolutely fantastic. Noto knocked it out of the park.
Please be Illyria.

And the Xander/Dawn cover is indeed awesome.
I think the Buffy # 16 solicitation pretty much confirms Illyria's arrival in this issue.
Isn't that neat! S9 looks so exiting
I am *loving* the covers for the Willow comics. And if she's going to "witch paradise" ... well, I can think of one person she really ought to find there.
Dawns head looks really big compared to the rest of her body, and i'm sure that the Buffy shot is copied from one of SMG's Maxim shots... lol
Newsarama just put out the covers and solicitations for Spike # 5 of 5 and Angel & Faith # 17.BIG spoilers for Angel & Faith # 17.

Might want to add it to the headline.
In regards to the Angel and Faith #17 spoiler,

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There's a new thread for the Newsarama link.
I am honestly not sure how I feel about there being a male slayer... While I like the idea of a gay male slayer on the surface, adding variety, etc., a significant part of me feels that giving a power that is exclusively supposed to be for women, to empower women in a misogynistic world, takes something away from the established paradigm.

It also sends a wrong message on a whole other level: Gay men are in fact not women (I know this may come as a surprise to some). Just because a man is gay does not change his gender. By making a gay man a slayer it could be construed as insulting.

(Now if we are talking about someone who is trans that could be a whole other fascinating subject: Female soul in a Male body becoming a slayer despite genitalia, but that does not seem to be the case here.)

All that said, as we have not read the books yet, I am withholding judgement until they are out. But, as a feminist and gay male, the underlying layers to this story and the messages it may send do worry me some.
I am honestly not sure how I feel about there being a male slayer.

It has sort of happened before. Harth Fray ended receiving (some) Slayer powers. But as you say, it is a case of wait and see.
I have my hopes about who Willow might meet, but I've been disappointed before, so I won't even go there. It'll probably be a character I have little to no interest in but everyone else will go ga-ga about. :)
Hopefully this new character/slayer will actually be interesting.

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