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September 07 2012

(SPOILER) Cover art for Angel & Faith #17 and Spike #5. And a very interesting spoiler is revealed for the Angel & Faith issue.

I adore Ethan Rayne. Angel and Faith rocks my socks off.

And that Spike plot seems amazing... Season 9 is really starting to get good again...
I wonder if Ethan was the big idea Jane Espenson came up with and Christos Gage said would come into play in issue 17?
I care less about Ethan's return than I cared about undead skinless Warren. Just proves they are on the recycle-binge again. The aunts look neat at the funeral though - and Spike's rebound comes to a messy end it seems. Panties in the air and all.
Cool! I was really hoping Ethan would come back somehow.
Cool. I felt a bit sad when Ethan was wasted so early in season 8. Not that I like the person, I just like the character ...
What? No. Don't bring Ethan back. He died. Stop cheating. Where did the bugs get those panties, anyway?
@Kairos Likely from demon Nadia, whoever she is. Unless Elisabeth went on a shopping spree in Easter Island malls and boutiques.
Chistos Gage tweeted that Ethan Rayne isn't the Jane Espesnon idea but her idea is in this arc.
I had a laugh at Coincides with events in Buffy Season 9 mention everywhere
Why are the spinoff covers consistently better-drawn and more novel than those of the main Buffy comics?
Oh Ethan! How I've missed you. :D

As to the Bugs, well however cute they come across dialog wise I still wish somebody would get a can of insecticide and be done with the whole lot of them. *g*

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Ethan! Brilliant news.
As much as I like Ethan to return, I have to admit, overall, itīs a letdown, because this means that a death in the comic books doesnīt mean anything.
It makes the comics less interesting because whatever happens can be rewritten in a later season.

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