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September 08 2012

Clark Gregg talks about his character in 'The Avengers'. "The day that we were shooting my farewell, they could tell it was hard on me and the Marvel guys brilliantly already had an early animated scene from near the end of the film where Hulk is pounding Loki to a pulp. They showed me an animated version of that, and it was vastly satisfying."

I know most people have seen the movie but let's keep major reveals out of the headline, cheers.
Yeah, shouldn't someone edit this to take the spoilers off the main page?
Very nice interview ...Loved Agent Coulson and was so sorry to see him go. It's nice that the actor loved him as well ... Loved what he said about Cap ... he's my crush too (just sayin') :)
My sister and I still hold on to the belief that Coulson Lives - logos and all. Or flashback - because I would really like to see more into Coulson, Barton and Natasha doing missions. Origins would be so cool!

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