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September 08 2012

Discuss The Avengers DVD/Blu-Ray. Since the DVD/Blu-Ray of "The Avengers" is already out in many countries, we can discuss the special features, the image/sound quality and stuff.

I hope I did this right. Never posted a "discuss" thread before. If I am at fault, forgive me.

I bought the blu-ray today and I am really furious. I knew I wouldn't get the Joss commentary (which I am fine with, because I find it hard to sit through a movie and listen to a commentary- Commentary The Musical being the only exception) but I didn't realise we were missing out on other extras: Assembling the Ultimate Team and Marvel second screen app (I don't know what this is)

So, the one we have "A Visual Journey" is crap. It lasts less than 7 minutes and that's it. Where is a feature length making of documentary? This movie grossed $1.5 billion and this is the home video release its' getting. If I had known they were this bad, I would've wait the eventual "double-dip ultimate fan edition".

What do you guys think about the special features? I really like the alternate opening and ending. Wish it was in the movie. Gives so much substance to Maria Hill. And the gag reel is the best I've ever seen.

To those who'll get the commentary, please discuss the interesting things Joss says. And please tell us Schwarma scene-less neglected Europeans what is on the featurette and how long it is.
I ordered the Zone A four-disc combo pack. Even though I don't have a Zone A player. I'd rather listen to the commentary at a later time than have the movie without it.
Admittedly although DVD release news has been all over this site it's all in one ear and out the other for me. When do most places get it? This seems
maybe premature.
I've lost track too. I think most of the world has it now, but I'm not entirely sure.
Not coming out in the US til the 25th. Cabin first!
I think it's cool that people are caring about special features so much. We're at an age where anyone can find a copy online, download or torrent it, so you need the special features to BUY the physical copy. Me? I'm just excited for the commentary
So we got the movie last and the blu ray last too? Oh well. At least we got some extra goodies for our wait :) /arrogant American.

Lol. Sorry guys. Doesn't make any sense to me why Disney couldn't have just waited a few weeks to get the commentary on the european release.
Got no commentary on the Aussie version, but a short behind the scenes look and, hoo flippin ray, got to see the final after the credits scene! rather than watching a wobbly youtube one and wondering why everyone was laughing.
How many chapters/scene selections does the DVD/Blu-ray offer? I know Paramount's releases were skimpy chapter-wise, and Disney is known for that as well.

And any actual color artwork on the discs themselves, or is it the usual Paramount and Disney gray-DVD and blue-Blu-ray.
You know what would be really fucking cool? If the Criterion Collection did a special edition DVD. Or better yet, if they did an omnibus boxed set of all Whedon stuff. It'll never happen, of course, but I'm just sayin'.
@under rug swept

Which version was that? The UK version?

I found a way to unlock the region setting on my laptop, so I'm probably getting the US version. I don't want to miss out. But damn Sainsbury for keeping the documentary hostage.
If you live in a German-speaking country, you should be aware that the DVD and Blu-Ray are censored.


WARNING: Link contains spoiler.
I was off to buy this on bluray today (had been looking forward to it all week), and then I find out it's missing the commentary... :(

I don't like double dipping, so I guess I'll be getting the movie by 'other means' tonight until they (Marvel/Disney) sort their shit out for a local re-release.

Why don't you want my money, Disney? Grrrr.

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It doesn't come out in the UK until the 17th. Does anyone know if that whole 'Tesco exclusive has the commentary' thing is actually true? 'Cause honestly, I'm buying the set pretty much for the commentary (and also, you know, the film was awesome). Joss is the commentary king. Period.
I think that was a misprint on the Tesco website. According to Empire's review of the blu-ray no version includes a commentary. However lists the American version as being Region Free -
That is great news!

Let's hope that's true.

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It came out in Iceland this week. I was really annoyed that we weren't getting the commentary and stuff plus no extras on the DVD.

But then I saw you could get this like steelbox blu-ray thing and well, it doesn't have a lot of extras but at least it had that 90 minute building a cinematic universe thing too on an extra disc.

I quite liked all the extras we did in fact get. Which was like basically the same as U.K gets. I still wish we got the the other stuff too. I'm hoping the American version is region free so I can just get that one for the rest of the extras. XD

The menu is pretty cool, I think and I think the chapters are quite a few.

I guess there was maybe supposed to be maybe a booklet but ahem, I bought the blu-ray with 10% percent off because it had been returned & opened because the person hadn't realized they'd bought a blu-ray. lol. So I don't know about that. XD
Guys, most Blu-rays are region free. If you wait for the Region 1/Region A versions you should be able to watch them.

Most of Disney's releases have been region-free, but I can see how they'd want to make more money off this release and change their policy, or that Marvel's policies might be different (or, in fact, Paramount may have had some clauses in their distribution release that we can't know). Still, odds are in favor that you can buy the American version and watch it on your player.

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@Skytteflickan88 - Mine is the Turkish version. But it is the same as the European versions.

@PuppetDoug - Disney is the company that releases region locked blu-ray's the most, in my experience. Most of my Pixar blu-ray's are locked for example. So it'd be safe to wait until release, not to get hurt.

@Druzilla - What is that 90 minute "building a universe" documentary. Is Joss in it much? And where can I pirate it, at this point? :)
I'd also like to know if that EU-exclusive (as it seems) 90min documentary is worth it? Are they just covering all the movies and how they lead up to Avengers or what is going on there?

I'm holding out for the Region A Blu Ray.
The 90 minute documentary is also available at Target in the US.
But I doubt Target ships internationally, going by past experiences.
Dammit, I was so happy for a moment after reading Simon's comment, then I read D-e-f's. So Sainsbury's exclusive really wasn't exclusive?
It's exclusive for the UK.
I see. Then I guess I have to wait and see how I can get a hold of Target's version. Let's hope they ship internationally and that the blu ray isn't region coded.

Maybe it was a good thing to pay extra for my blu ray playing laptop after all.
Of all the onlines stores I have seen the US version of Avengers for pre-order, Region A is how it is listed. Not looking very region-free at the moment...


@under rug swept:
It's basically a behind-the-scenes recap off all the Marvel movies, leading up to and including Avengers. Not exactly big on the Avengers/Joss extras, but it's a nice documentary that wraps up Phase One.

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I have Blu Rays which are listed as Region A on their packaging, but still play as region-free. For some reason, with Blu Rays, it seems the only way to find out is to try it.
Officially crossing fingers now for a region-free US Blu-Ray release *crosses fingers*.

I've also been looking into buying a region free physical Blu-Ray player - anyone have any tips? (And is it even legal, to buy region free players - it was for DVD, I think, but is it also for Blu-Ray?) That'd be a good alternative for me, if the US version isn't region free. I was looking to buy a BR-player for the Cabin and Avengers releases anyway (and then also replace my old Firefly and Serenity DVDs :)).
I contacted Disney and they say they won't know which region it is until it's released. I feel like they should know.

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