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September 09 2012

Pics from last night's premiere of 'Much Ado About Nothing'. WireImage also has sets of pics of Joss and the gang at a photoshoot, the premiere party and a video lounge. There's also a great set of pics from the screening over at Flickr.

Great pics! Love the sneaks on Joss.
Tom Lenk, Reed Diamond and "Guest"!?

Isn't that guest Olivia Williams?
This is all so great! I'm so glad the film was well received and that everyone in the film was able to be at the big premier. Everything about this makes me happy (the only thing that would make me happier would be getting to see it my own self!).
@ZodKneelsFirst, that's what I thought...

Some great pics though, would have been quite an experience to have been there!
Yes, that's definitely Olivia Williams. How sweet of her to have been there!
It's fantastic to see Alexis Denisof get recognition for his work. He looks great.
Odd that Fran wasn't in those first set of pictures. I wonder where he was?
"To be or not to be."

Wait...what was the question? Amy looks absolutely stunning!
Joss (to Clark Gregg): Hey man. Sorry about killing you that one time.

Clark: That's how I know I'm one of yours.

Joss is looking very...Tenth Doctor in the suit & sneaks.

And Nathan is...typical Nathan.
I think it's worse that Nick and Brian were listed as "guests" when they're actually in the movie. But, oh well. Otherwise, I love the pics.
It was Olivia Williams and I loved seeing her there as well as the ENTIRE cast and of course a dapper looking Joss. The movie was beyond expectations kind of amazing. And since I know what Joss can do my expectations were high. One of the best Shakespeare films I've ever seen.

The whole 'I laughed, I cried' thing. Yeah, I did that for real. The play is amazing (I already knew that) but this interpretation was very fresh and interesting. Again I am reminded that worshiping at the alter of Whedon was the right choice for me.
Great photos! I love the one of Kai and Joss, with Joss' comfortable footwear on full view. As someone who, over the last year, has suffered through some foot issues I would probably do the same. The side view photo of Joss at the podium is very striking. He's come into his own as a very handsome, accomplished guy; suit by Armani and shoes by Nike Air (I'm guessing). :=)
Seeing Amy signing autographs and taking photos with fans at the premiere reminds me why I love the Whedonverse gang so much. They are such friendly people and are always going the extra mile for fans. They also happen to be great actors, but that's secondary to how awesome they are as people.
I love Ashley's angel dress. I'm so happy she's part of the Joss actor club. She's such a sweetie.

Great to see Alexis again. He looks so happy and absolutely smashing in that suit.

Also, I didn't know Amy's husband was such a hottie. Lucky lady.

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