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September 09 2012

Short video interview with Joss at TIFF. Courtesy of Global Toronto. There's also an interview with Nathan as well.

The same paper has an interview with Nathan so I added that link to your entry.
Yeah, thanks, apparently we were doing it at the same time:)
Is this film going to be in actual cinemas? My actual local cinema? That would be cool.
As we walked in, we could see all these interviews going on, it is an old theatre and not a lot of room in the front lobby. These are nice little bits.
Bunnies, it is screening at TIFF so hopefully somebody in distribution thinks 'wow, we should release this'.
I heard it got four standing ovations or something. I have no idea how festival love translates to distribution. It might be the artsy equivalent of being loved at Comic-Con.
I suspect a better gauge of general audience will be the screening on 14th.

Personally, had I the money I'd pick it up. A limited theatrical run and DVD/online with clever marketing would make the money back.
Gossi, considered a Kickstarter to fund that? I bet you could get enough folks around here to risk a few bucks on a break-even proposition like that...
I don't think you can 'kick-starter' theater distribution. Most movie theaters in the US have firm contracts with their distributors and they don't show independent films. Of course there are theaters on college campuses, and small independent theaters in most big cities, which will show a film if they have people (ie students and customers) asking for the film... but I think Joss is hoping to go the route of attracting a commercial distribution.
To fund what? Distribution? I think the terrible Firefly sequel Kickstarter campaign is a good example of why you can't really use Kickstarter to raise funds for projects you don't own or have creative control over. You can't raise money to distribute a film you don't have rights to distribute.
Joss just made the biggest movie almost ever - if his fans were trying to Kickstart distribution of his next movie, I can imagine the press having a field day with it.

My spider sense is we wait a few days and if the industry has any sense, somebody will buy it. If nobody does, joss and kai distribute online and wave the dosh at traditional Hollywood. I'd quite happily pay to watch on TV and iPad, and I'm probably not alone.

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No doubt they could self-distribute—better than just about anyone, really—but I'd be shocked at this point if nobody picks it up.
gossi, not sure that's spider sense. Just sounds like regular sense to me. :-)
Yes, my spider sense is generally common sense :D

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