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September 10 2012

Watch the Q&A from the premiere of 'Much Ado About Nothing'. That was filmed by Nikki Stafford (who has a write-up of the premiere at her blog). Joss and some of the cast also did a Q&A at yesterday's screening. Videos of that can be found here and here.

So happy the people who went on Sunday got to see Joss & co as well.
And the first Q&A from Nikki Stafford couldn't be better- she was sitting right behind me so that was more or less my viewpoint as well!
I never realised that was Nikki's footage. I'll add her blog write-up to the entry.
Simon, the link to Nikki's blog is slightly broken.

I really enjoyed her article, and her blog seems to be very readable also for the non-Whedony parts -- thanks for pointing me to it!
Thanks, it's fixed now.
This is excellent, I think the questions were well chosen and I loved getting to hear everyone speak.
Am I the only one who smiled when she wrote that she was able to get her hands on a ticket? I've possibly watched too much Firefly...

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