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September 10 2012

Dichen Lachman considered one of Hitfix's 15 Fall breakout stars. One of the Actives from Dollhouse will be part of ABC's new drama Last Resort that's coming in two weeks. She'll play a bar owner at a remote island where a crippled US nuclear submarine will land after it's attacked by its own country.

I just watched the pilot for this show, and while she's hardly in it, I had forgotten she was cast at all so it came as a very welcome surprise.

The show itself is highly overdramatic, but in a very entertaining way. It feels like something Don Bellisario might've made in the 90s.
We've already got the DVR set for it. Can't wait.
I was already likely to try to catch this show - and I watch almost nothing on prime time TV anymore - because of the excellent Andre Braugher; this is a nice added push. And good for her, garnering the notice and praise!
I'm surprised no one has really mentioned her arc as the vampire princess last year on Being Human.

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