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September 10 2012

Joss Whedon praises 'Guardians of the Galaxy' director. When asked about the movie, he told MTV News that "James [Gunn] is what makes me think it will work".

The project by James Gunn sounds awesome, but what makes me the happiest is that Joss sounds so relaxed and happy. This was obviously a great weekend for him in Toronto.
The man DOES deserve some R&R, which for him is TIFF, apparently.
But more on topic: ever since I heard their choice for director, I started being optimistic about it, but hearing Joss say everything's gonna be fine just brought it home for me. I hope Marvel keep working their magic that we've seen.
When they first announced this movie James Gunn was my instant personal choice to write/direct. I was happily amazed when he was announced. This proves once again that Marvel are so on the ball with what they are doing with their movies. First Joss and now James. Awesome! Lets hope Mr Fillion gets a starring role. A good bet seeing as how he is good mates with both James and Joss. Starlord anyone? Big smile.
I have no clue what James will do. The worst crime a superhero movie can make is to bore me, and James Gunn rarely bores.
I'd wager Nathan is getting a bit too long in the tooth and wide in the waist to play Starlord. He'd be better suited in voicing the raccoon.

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