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September 10 2012

From The Avengers, Joss Whedon turns to Shakespeare. CBC's Eli Glasner sits down with Joss Whedon and talks about Much Ado About Nothing at TIFF in Toronto.

This was a great interview from Joss on the movie. 13:21 long (sweet). I love listening to Joss describe his thought process when talking about his films.
Beautiful interview, lots of depth but very full of life.
Only being able to read about this is starting to suck. Has it been said when the general populace has a chance at this?
CaptainB, that's likely to be determined during the festival (though not necessarily; in theory it could not be picked up, and it wouldn't be the first time a festival crowd loved a film that didn't get distribution).

If it's not picked up here, it will either go on to other festivals, or Joss will probably find alternate distribution (like with Horrible).
Wonderful interview.
A Variety article I just read says, "Other films that have buyers interested include Joss Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing,"...".

There is a website, that helps you track and share your schedule for TIFF. Interesting enough they list industry screenings as well and their Much Ado About Nothing page has an industry screening on September 9th and 12th. These are screenings not with the general public, but people in the film industry like people who might decide on possibly distributing the movie. So one down and another one to go, plus one last sold out screening for the general public.

The fact that Joss has the a movie that just made $1.5 billion certainly helps. I doubt anyone expects Much Ado About Nothing to make a huge amount of money in the box office, but to paraphrase Mary Parent who helped greenlit Serenity at Universal, a studio might want to start getting into the business of making Joss Whedon movies. Yes, he has an exclusive with Marvel, so this would be after 2015.
What a great interview! I love Joss just a little bit more every time I hear him speak. I am GIDDY about seeing this movie.
Nice interview. It touched on a few things I hadn't seen discussed before.

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