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September 11 2012

Wedding Gift Video for Zack and Eli! Tonight Eliza tweeted about a wedding gift from some friends, watch to 4:09 to see some people you'll recognize. Oh and Felicia shows up at 6:15! This is very cute, I think it'll give everyone a laugh.

Whoever made this is amazing.
Isn't that Spencer Treat Clark at 6:12?
Sometimes a Great Awwwww!
I didn't laugh, but I did get verklempt.
Jed and Mo also at 6:02.

Plus in the blink-and-you'll miss it section, Jed and Mo at 5:16 and Felicia at 5:19. Both of these are just flashes of stills more easily seen at 6:02 and 6:15.

Nice gift!
I'm a bad fan. I didn't notice Felicia because I was reading the sign she was holding instead.

In my defense, it's a hilarious sign.
It is a pretty great sign. That was a lovely video. Good job, strangers!

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