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September 11 2012

Shakespeare, according to Joss Whedon. The Los Angeles Times chats to Joss and others about 'Much Ado About Nothing'. Btw there's no official word on whether the movie has been picked up but according to Variety, buyers are interested.

I discovered Buffy the TV series with season four's "Hush", then watched every week. During "Superstar" (written by Jane Espenson) it suddenly came to my mind: "The person that created the whole series must be a Shakespeare fan and someone of great talent who understood and also learned from Shakespeare." Why did I think that it had something to do with the portrayal of people, the choice of topics, the storytelling, a mega-structure behind the few episodes I had watched that you could sense. Hard to put the finger on it. How delighted was I to find confirmed later from the "Once More With Feeling" CD booklet, that Joss indeed is a Shakespeare fan. And, of course, from the many references through his whole work.
I'm glad that so many of these reviewers are actually mentioning that Joss is seeking a distributor, I hope that that helps him find one. I wonder if a twitter and/or facebook campaign would help (I thought it helped 'Cabin in the Woods' get released... but maybe I'm wrong)? I really want to see this film, and I would rather see it on the big screen first.
I would imagine Joss' people are talking to the relevant parties.
Besides the red carpets and film screenings, one of the major activities at TIFF is seeking distribution deals. Hopefully we'll hear something soon.
I need to see this in theaters. Hell, my Mom wants to see it, and I've never managed to get her to watch anything Whedon-related before.
Cool! I love everything Whedon does, and everything Shakespeare related. I actually used to say Joss Whedon is the Shakespeare of our time (The reason I don't say it anymore is because I think one of the things I love the most about them is that they're unique, and also- no person is another one, but I meant that Whedon is the genius writer of our time, that I'm sure about it).
Thank you so much for posting all of these news! I'm really bummed I couldn't go there, but at least I got to read about it, thank to you.
Am hoping that a distribution deal is made - hard to believe it wouldn't be - and that it plays in smaller markets. My daughter, who loves Buffy et al & Shakespeare - Branagh's Much Ado is one of her favorite movies - is dying to see this film, as are we with her.
I wish I were a distrubuter, only because I wish I could bring this movie to the cinemas (and, of course, every project Joss Whedon makes).

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