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September 11 2012

Avengers Assemble: Tom Hiddleston interview. SFX has an interview with Tom Hiddleston where he talks about working on The Avengers.

I have the biggest crush on hiddles. I really hope he gets to work with Joss again. on projects outside Marvel,I mean.
I love the way he talks about working with Joss, getting such praise from such a high profile actor makes me very proud of him
Incredible interview. Being such a Hiddlestoner, I'm surprised I haven't read this one before. I loved the way Joss wrote Loki and directed Tom, so I highly highly hope for Tom to be in Avengers 2. *crosses fingers*
I'm loving these inside scoops from this Tom interview and the last Chris one that was posted...

Joss just really seems to know what he's doing, and I'm so glad he wrote Loki so beautifully (and I'm glad he called Kenneth Branagh to see Chris audition one more time, and that Loki was the only villain in Avengers).

Joss FTW!!! :D
I'd like to see Tom appear in the next Shakespeare production Joss does. In fact I'd settle for any collaboration between the two of them.
I just saw the extras for The Avengers blu ray and someone said that casting the right actor for Loki was very important since he would hopefully be the villain for many Marvel movies. That, and this interview, made my day.

Item 47 was pretty damn awesome too.

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