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September 11 2012

Much Ado About Nothing to be distributed by Lionsgate. Variety just reported that Lionsgate has bought the North American rights to 'Much Ado About Nothing'.

Joss on the deal: "I'm thrilled to be working with my cronies at Lionsgate again, and with the Roadside team. That they all embrace a Shakespearean romance with the same enthusiasm they had for 'Cabin in the Woods' that they're exactly the mad fools we want to be partying -- I mean working -- with."

It's ON! This was inevitable. But still. YES!!!!!

Congratulations to everyone! Joss, Lionsgate, everyone!

Can't wait!
This is encouraging. Looking forward to more news!
Lionsgate, who knows a good thing when they see it, especially after Cabin in the Wooods...coming next week on blu-ray and On Demand
HOORAY!! Wonderful news!!
Lionsgate are the reason Cabin got released. MGM were the reason for the delay.
hooray! yay! and any other expletive i could possibly think!!! fantastic news!!!! i couldn't be more excited that we'll get to see this on the big screen!!! congrats to Joss - though, it was inevitable!!
I am applauding and jumping up and down in glee! I can barely type!! I love Lionsgate!!!! Wow, this is a thrill. I hope they don't make us wait a year or more (like they did w/Cabin) but they did a beautiful job of releasing Cabin and I am just so happy to hear this great news!
Congrats to all involved, by the way. It's nice living in a world where joss can shoot something in 12 days, get it through post and get it released. And be contractually required to create TV shows and movies.

Can I hear potential Oscar noms? Best Adapted Screenplay? Best Supporting Actress/Actor?
Amazing news. Sooo happy.
Yayyyy happy news! Now if we can just get a release date that's soon, I will be very happy. :-)
Joss on deal:

"I’m thrilled to be working with my cronies at Lionsgate again, and with The Roadside team.. That they all embrace a Shakespearean romance with the same enthusiasm they had for Cabin in the Woods shows that they’re exactly the mad fools we want to be partying -- I mean working -- with.”

Jason Constantine from Lionsgate:
"We're so happy to once again be working with Joss Whedon after our great experience on Cabin in the Woods. Who else can tackle horror, superheroes and Shakespeare all in one year? We look forward to working closely with Bellwether Pictures to help audiences discover this wonderful and timeless comedy.”

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Excellent, excellent. This has been a year of such good news for Whedon projects.
Oh and I edited the headline. When it's big news it's especially important to be very clear and specific right in the headline, since that gets passed around the most.
We lost track of Cabin box office here, but since it's a biz thing: $65m and counting at box office. Lionsgate will also pick up a pot from online, Blu-Ray, DVD, rentals, VOD. Not shabby.
If they are releasing it under the Roadside Attractions banner I would wager it might premiere on demand and theatrical on the same date.

Sucks it won't be until next year.
Mad props to Lionsgate. I love Lionsgate.
That's so awesome. And so FAST!
This is so exciting! Congratulations to all involved--- I cannot wait to see it!!
In the words of NPR's Monkey See, Monkey Do, "Boom!" Nice.
Do you guys think the same thing could happen to In Your Eyes?
How exciting. Whoever is in charge at Lionsgate has been making some great decisions the last few years(Buying Summit, making Hunger Games, buying Cabin, and now this.) Someone at lionsgate is in the business of distributing Whedon projects. Awesome. I hope they pick up In Your Eyes too. (Kinda off topic, I find it weird there hasn't been a single interview with the director yet. That project is so secretive.)
Absofreakinlutely great!!
I like secretive. One of the things I like about micro studios is being able to produce something in a bit of a bubble you explode into the world at a suitable time.
Lionsgate "gets" Joss, so Lionsgate gets this movie! I'm very looking forward to Shakespeare Noir.
I am so happy and excited about this news! Not only is this the Year of Whedon, September is the Month of Whedon, with both Cabin and The Avengers coming out on DVD/Blu-Ray this month.
So the big question: What is the likely release date???
I'm soooooooo excited!! I'm hoping it comes to theaters soon, and that it gets a reasonably wide release!
Wow! What a year for Joss! So happy we'll get to see this, wheee!
Best. News. Ever. Congratulations Joss and everyone involved. I'm so very happy.
This is amazing! I'm beyond excited. I really hope Lionsgate promos the hell out of this like they did with 'Cabin.' I wonder if there's any chance this will be in theaters by the year's end? Doubtful but hopeful.
Awesome news! :)

With Liongate having now picked up 2 movies by Joss, I can't help but wonder if they are looking to also pick up In Your Eyes.

I also wonder if Much Ado About Nothing will continue the rounds of film festivals for promotion, or if Liongate will want to hold onto it until they release it.
I love that there haven't even been a hundred hours between the screening and the distribution deal :)
gossi said:

Lionsgate are the reason Cabin got released. MGM were the reason for the delay.

Let's try to remember that MGM were the reason Cabin got made in the first place. I'd prefer not to kick someone while they're down, or at all, really.
Oh, wasn't trying to. Just don't want people thinking Cabin was sat on for years by Lionsgate.
Right, I gotcha. My memory on this is fuzzy, as it was so long ago, but wasn't there a hot minute where Sony picked it up and tried to start a 3D conversion process that thankfully fell through?
The 3D conversion was all MGM. Sony was not involved. I once wrote up the chronology for anyone who's interested.

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Now this a good thing to wake up to.
Those of you in the know: How does international rights work? Are they sold country by country?
It'd be swell to have 3 Joss movies in 2012... if not, there's something to look forward to next year then!
Yay! Very pleased by this.
Sometimes by region and sometimes by country, OldSwede. It varies. Every deal is different especially for the little films.
I think I'm the one who commented about Lionsgate making us wait for Cabin, gossi, and obviously the LONG wait was due to MGM's problems (the movie filmed from March to May 2009 and then sat on a shelf until Lionsgate bought it). But my comment was just that Lionsgate bought CitW in April 2011, with talk of releasing it that Fall, only to change the release date to March 2013 (almost a year later). I was just wishing/hoping that they would not hold onto 'Much Ado About Nothing' for another year before releasing it, but of course I'm still happy that they are distributing it even if they decide against doing it this year. That was all I meant.
This news makes me feel like writing Lionsgate a love letter. I am sooo appreciative of them right now.
Oh, Lionsgate is clearly filled with Joss fans now. I'm excited that they picked this up, because it might just be the preface to a long working relationship between Joss and Kai's studio and Lionsgate.

What does this mean for, say, Europe though? Does this increase the chances of distributors they work with picking up the film and releasing it in other territories?
Great news for North America but it would be spiffy to find out when/if we'll get it in the UK?

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Reading this made ma very happy, and it's difficult (probably going to be sick on my birthday).

Also, it's kind of funny I found this out today... I dreamed that I met Joss and in some part of the dream he was my father (As in another identity of my father, but looked like himeslf while my dad also look like himself, and he wasn'tmy father in all of the dream).

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Embers, yeah. The whole waiting for the perfect weekend thing the industry does is... Not great. Understandable, but annoying. But if I was going to guess, standard industry logic would peg this winter release time. They probably won't put it against Avengers 2.
I'm with gossi. They'd release it in winter of (hopefully) this year, most likely, to capitalize on the chance it could be nominated for Academy Awards for screenplay and acting at least. So far this year has been ho-hum of any Oscar caliber films, and this would be one film I'd be rooting for.
I'm so glad they got picked up. I really believe it deserves it and I can't wait to go see it again with all my friends that couldn't make it to tiff.
Actually, that's something I hadn't considered, spidyredneckjedi, but positioned correctly this is totally the kind of film that can become Oscar bait. Avengers not so much, but a Shakespeare adaptation from an up-and-coming (not really, but y'know) hotshot director? Right up their alley, methinks.
OT to the Whedonverse, sort of, but Nerdist Industries got a huge, huge investment from Lionsgate a few months ago. Lionsgate essentially bought Nerdist Industries. So Lionsgate is definitely in tune with and appreciates the nerdverse.

Edited for grammar.

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Nice! I'm glad we'll get to see, as Variety calls it at one point in the article, "Much ago."
And suddenly, "squee" is no longer just a concept to me.
@the ninja report - No, you're thinking Legendary Pictures, which is a subset of Warner Bros.
Could someone explain to me how this works financially? Does Lionsgate pay Joss for the rights to distribute, or just take a share of the eventual receipts?
I think its both.
Shambleau, Lionsgate markets and distributes the film and then takes a cut of the revenue (maybe somewhere between 5%-20%) left after paying for direct expenses (mktg, actual distribution costs). The remaining 80-95% of the revenue goes back to Bellwether. Make sense?
Yeah, makes sense. Has anybody heard how much it took to make MAAN? It couldn't have been too much. I'm assuming that the film won't take in more than a modest amount, but a five or ten million gross should result in an overall profit for Bellwether, right?
shambleau, there is no way to know how much it cost to make unless Joss decides to say. Also, there is no way to know how much Lionsgate will spend in marketing. They could easily spend $20m to market and distribute and then $10m gross would be a horrible disaster. Basically we don't have enough of the relevant numbers to even begin to speculate. Not that it will stop people, mind you, but they will only be guessing wildly.
I was so happy about this news, which I read while out for Thai food with my family, that I told everyone at the table out it, and now my mom wants to see it.

I really hope they do release it this winter, whether that's this year or next. That's not too far off. I'm already planning Much Ado parties in my head.
This is fabulous news!
Oh ho! Stupendous news! Definitely loving Lionsgate in 2012! And I definitely like the idea that full distribution could be done - or a limited run at first - to get AMPAS qualification locked in so MAAN is at leas able to compete for feels right for reasons difficult to properly elucidate on!

Whoops. My bad. I got the two Ls mixed.
This makes me so happy. I am so excited to see this film (preferably on a big screen, but I'm not picky).

All the reviews have made me unbearably excited to see it for myself.

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