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September 12 2012

Buffy Season 8 Library Edition Hardcover Volume 2 is out this week. It collects issues 11 - 20 and "includes never-before-seen sketch materials!".

Awesome. My copy of Volume One and the Tales hardcover arrived in the post today and they are ridiculously gorgeous. Really appreciate the solid work that DH is putting into these.
Rushed to my comics shop(s) at lunch today to pick this up. (Be warned—the first two copies I encountered both had production/damage issues. Inspect your copy carefully in the store before you buy it.) This particular hardback is a must-have for me because it contains the most satisfying arcs of Season Eight. Wolves at the Gate (Dracula/Xander!), Time of Your Life (Fray! The it's-not-Drusilla-it's-Dark-Willow reveal!), Animated Buffy (Joyce, Cordy!) The front cover close-up of a smiling Willow will melt your heart.
These really are stunning books. They are obviously very dedicated to producing a high quality product over at Dark Horse. A definite MUST BUY for any fan of the comics!

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