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September 12 2012

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Scott Allie talks about this week's Buffy news. It's an interview with Comic Book Resources.

It gives some good new insights on how this plotline came about.
Love how Allie calls out the people that have everything figured out already. :) Love.
Yeah, Allie does come out a bit sulky in this interview. ;)
I wouldn't characterize that as sulky. I call it spot on. And good for him. The second guessing and judging of a story that no one has read really should be seriously ridiculed.
I would reckon about 75% of the plot lines hinted at in Season 9 solicitation info or whispered about in interviews with the writers has been correctly guessed by the fans. Dark Horse haven't exactly made it hard for us.
I'm genuinely confused by what Scott means here. Figured out what? What have the fans guessed? it seems like every plot point has been stated in interviews and the solicitations. What's there left to guess about? The identity of the watcher?
Love *being* one of the people he called out for acting like we have everything figured out already, especially when we are often, very often right. I was reminded today that months ago I apparently spelled out the upshot to "Guarded" from the first solicits. Like Simon said, it hasn't exactly been a challenge to see around the curves in these books; a little bluster on our part isn't entirely unjustified.

But Allie was right -- I and others did make a critical assumption, and although he doesn't come out and say it, it's the assumption that "Billy the Vampire Slayer" isn't a "Chain"-like standalone, standapart two issue arc. I'm now inclined, based on his comments to think that it is exactly that. If so, it actually addresses ever "slayer-credential" issue I had, which were mostly about the inequity of Buffy and co. meeting this guy and, after two issues, aka like two hours, thinking "slayer" fits him in a way it apparently never fit umpteen other characters. It has it's own question marks, like "two issue departure in shorter, 25 issue season, really?", but it would at that point be sort of like it's own "Tales of the Slayer... ish" installment. Maybe not completely tangential since there's ostensibly a Watcher for this guy, and also because I think from day one people have assumed this character exists to summon forth Andrew Wells from the closet, but still, pretty tangential.
Well, he suggested it was a 2-issue arc. We shall see if this turns out to be anything more than that.

But buried in the mix was a comment that I thought was interesting. This: "And on the day Joss threw that one at us, he revealed that the way she'd discover she was a robot was through a pregnancy test." So, all along they knew it was not Buffy. That is really telling, considering how it was advertised and promoted. Does not give me great feelings for this latest revelation.
In all honesty, Dana, is there anything that would? Besides an announcement that they were, in fact, bringing Tara back permanently?
It's funny because it's true. Thanks for the laugh, Rowan Hawthorn. :)

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