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September 12 2012

"The Cabin in the Woods" misses movie charts top ten entry in Germany. "The Cabin in the Woods" saw the light of big screen in Germany finally on last Thursday, September 6th. 70.000 saw the movie on its first weekend. Article in German.

Worth waiting for?
@Simon: Definitely! I'm not an outright horror movie fan and I was pretty scared in my seat, grabbing my gf's hand all the time, but I'm a fan of *this* horror movie definitely! I loved it. Btw, it was the first day's second screening in our town, at 6 pm and we were five people in the audience. The other three seemed to like it, too.
Yay for you finally getting to see it! The article seems to still think it's done respectably, though. How much promotion has it had?

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I love this movie so much!

Can't wait to get it on Blu-ray this month!!! :D
I got to see it in English as part of a sneak preview 3 weeks ago. Half the audience wasn't too thrilled when they learned what movie was up that week. The post-movie voting yielded polarized results. Most went for very good or good but also a lot of votes for "very bad" ... very few inbetween.

Personally, I loved the movie (as expected). Definitely worth the wait! People definitely laughed a lot, no matter what their first reaction was. Thankfully it seemed to be the good, planned kind of laughs, not the "oh this movie is so silly and takes itself so seriously" laughs you get it most trashy horror movies.

I had trouble concealing my squeals when I saw Amy, Fran and Tom on screen. Really awesome moment to see them on the big screen for the first time!

Can't wait to watch it again on Blu Ray ... even though I've had an "alternative" solution for weeks, I just wanna wait for the proper experience.

That coffee-mug ... thing ... definitely stole the show, though. :)
I watched the movie yesterday without german dubbing and my friends and I were blown away. A good thing that we didn't read (too much) spoilers.
The audience was having a lot of fun.
Sadly, the cinema chose one of its smaller screens for this movie, but I am very greatful that Berlin has a big cinema that shows all the movies in english.

Now I know: My favorite monster has four hooves.

I wished the guys from the Fantasy Filmfest last month were able to get this movie (They sadly were not able to make a good deal.) but waiting another month was worth it.
roadi, I had also hoped to see it at the Fantasy Filmfest in Cologne and was quite disappointed they didn't show it -- now I'm desperately looking for an OV show, but it seems like I'll have to wait for the DVD :-/.
It received some very nice reviews over here, but I was fearing that the word of mouth isn't too good. I get that some people hate it, even on the official facebook page... Many call it senseless, which describes a lot of other horror films way better in my opinion. Haven't checked the German dubbing so far. Is it any good?
I'm still undecided if I should go watch it again, since I'm going to buy the DVD anyway. Have to hear the commentary on that one and find out which monster "Kevin" was...
Also, I haven't even been able to convince my friends to watch it. Just 1, which is poor. Then again, I didn't even get any of them to watch Avengers. I know, weird. ;) Maybe Much Ado will do.

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