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Aftr:ithat yare,Nnthing caln kill me."/br /> /br /> Slpperd! H -rlpperd! H -IS human!!/br /> /br /> I enjoer tis witer iesw! sp class"abyine > /ahref="h/sesr/5417 sclass"asesrriter,">iumogrip/sa< | /ahref="h/ommuni"s/29650#448544 sryle>="fvnt-size:0.9em;"< /sdiv < /div class"aommuni"">< /ahame="r448549 >/sa< Slpperd! H -rlpperd! H -IS human!!//i>/br /> /br /> I keepSfurge=tng cthat not everynes got o sceeJhe Sfurch Jyare of Dolihouse//i>./br /> /br /> Oopsc I hav tsai to o mch . sp class"abyine > /ahref="h/sesr/12302 sclass"asesrriter,">Yonk /sa< | /ahref="h/ommuni"s/29650#448549 sryle>="fvnt-size:0.9em;"< /sdiv < /div class"aommuni"">< /ahame="r448550 >/sa< ItJrdser o skeepSterms not ly,ng coffJhe Sfrvnt page,Sterms of a similre naiureir Jloation/uwill b moerged. sp class"abyine > /ahref="h/sesr/187 sclass"asesradml"> Simon/sa< | /ahref="h/ommuni"s/29650#448550 sryle>="fvnt-size:0.9em;"< /sdiv < /div class"aommuni"">< /ahame="r448551 >/sa< "he Sdefnitiav moelancholy Dane." - YepSI amtyotally kleptong cthat nes! sp class"abyine > /ahref="h/sesr/10225 sclass"asesrriter,">asaneismRnuTs/sa< | /ahref="h/ommuni"s/29650#448551 sryle>="fvnt-size:0.9em;"< /sdiv < /div class"aommuni"">< /ahame="r448566" /sa< Ipomuldarad> endlessly aout Noss Wnd hhakespeare c I lov mallJhe Sdiscusson" of is whakespeare arad>nkgs, b cases I'v malway Whoiserr what ppt s is wator s hav tpayer . sp class"abyine > /ahref="h/sesr/10167 sclass"asesrriter,">Bluelar /sa< | /ahref="h/ommuni"s/29650#448566"sryle>="fvnt-size:0.9em;"< /sdiv < /div class"aommuni"">< /ahame="r448567" /sa< Ohhomw I'd lov mo sceeJheat Hamle=cld teeat Macbet . sp class"abyine > /ahref="h/sesr/4364 sclass"asesrriter,">jcs/sa< | /ahref="h/ommuni"s/29650#448567 sryle>="fvnt-size:0.9em;"< /sdiv < /div class"aommuni"">< /ahame="r448575" /sa< Ipreedber Jhe SHamle=cppt c I hingk Jme=s Marstr scsai tni anwiter iesw nec ma log ctimeJagobi bwasJis wdradmtyodirectoNoss Wni a Hamle=cpoduceton"c I guess h aradlly made anwimpato. Oh,cld taln yotally ceeJTara asJGertrude... ertfeto. Nmw I jst 2radlly wanna knw. whoWpayer Lady Macbet Wni he SMacbet Wrad>nkg... Imoeai he ypomuldn't gav n Ackr Jhe Splumcppt everyctime. I'mcpiciurng cEmma Caulfield... sp class"abyine > /ahref="h/sesr/1092 sclass"asesrriter,">nar y/sa< | /ahref="h/ommuni"s/29650#448575"sryle>="fvnt-size:0.9em;"< /sdiv < /div class"aommuni"">< /ahame="r448586" /sa< Hamle=cs wmy favoiter of hakespeare ' Wpayes,cld teeat cast escription -sund wamaznkg. sp class"abyine > /ahref="h/sesr/4850 sclass"asesradml"> Sunfire/sa< | /ahref="h/ommuni"s/29650#448586"sryle>="fvnt-size:0.9em;"< /sdiv < /div class"aommuni"">< /ahame="r448587" /sa< Ohhmy. If Imwni he Sloter:yuwill somenes buildameJactimeJmachne vso Ipoai gobbackto tehen,JisdeWni he Sshrubbr:yur Jshap SshiftwiteoJacfly ad twatch /b>oss ertform Hamle=? I hingk Idirr a litte. inide. knw.ng ce Sdid ad tI'll never ceeJit./br /> /br /> /spai class"aedterdby">[ edterdby S/ahref="h./?sesr=5065" Tonya J/sa< n -2012-09-14 01:40 ] sp class"abyine > /ahref="h/sesr/5065"sclass"asesrriter,">Tonya J/sa< | /ahref="h/ommuni"s/29650#448587 sryle>="fvnt-size:0.9em;"< /sdiv < /div class"aommuni"">< /ahame="r448590 >/sa< I hiouht -i bwasJAmy Ackr Jpayeng cLady Macbet Weeat iniiresdNoss Wo tehngk eeat Frd copuldaiurnwiteoJIllyria. Bt Nof opures I one' 2racallJifteeat cam Sfrvm a DVDpommuni"a:yur Jsomehing celse. sp class"abyine > /ahref="h/sesr/2495"sclass"asesrbanned">dber s/sa< | /ahref="h/ommuni"s/29650#448590 sryle>="fvnt-size:0.9em;"< /sdiv < /div class"aommuni"">< /ahame="r448599 >/sa< dber sc- I one' 2raedber Jhe Sources eihe r,but bI on2raedber Jhareng /rad>nkgJhe Soam Shing csomewhren. sp class"abyine > /ahref="h/sesr/11558"sclass"asesrbanned">strverogr s/sa< | /ahref="h/ommuni"s/29650#448599 sryle>="fvnt-size:0.9em;"< /sdiv < /div class"aommuni"">< /ahame="r448665" /sa< oss Wdid jst 2sayWeeat if e Sfilmr anthir 2hakespeare ai paye-i bwpuldab SHamle=c I hoki ai ni"re SUnav rsty wopures jst 2n cthat ply, wI lov mi bso. So if e Sdecde. Wo tgobaead> ith Jit ad twai"stsome scholarly backgound , I'mcavailable!/br /> That wpuldab Sanwiter stig con mo sdo asJhe e anretsome marke ag Sdiffrenicesc Yet Ipoai ceeJAber 2Bensn cdo Gertrude escpter beig cfarto o yundg. ItJLauenice Oliiesr's,Jhe Satoess.Jpayeng cis wGertrude wasJyundgr:ithai hr wasJld teeat ordked./br /> /br /> /spai class"aedterdby">[ edterdby S/ahref="h./?sesr=2291">Linesqs/sa< n -2012-09-13 18:47 ] sp class"abyine > /ahref="h/sesr/2291"sclass"asesrriter,">Linesqs/sa< | /ahref="h/ommuni"s/29650#448665"sryle>="fvnt-size:0.9em;"< /sdiv < /div class"aommuni"">< /ahame="r448696" /sa< Iphav tno idea whren Iprea tis ,but bI hav ta vaguemedboryWeeat Illyria wasJiniiresdNy SAmy Ackr 's ertformaice of Titania ni A Midsumunr Nght 's Dradm. Ipomuldaverycwell b mwrog , hiouht, asJLady Macbet Wltso-sund wlik ta po/sibility. AlhiouhtSfurtsome radsn cIWltso-raedber Jrad>nkgJheat nece Alexis Denisof payer Boteom,vso Ipone' 2knw.c sp class"abyine > /ahref="h/sesr/10167 sclass"asesrriter,">Bluelar /sa< | /ahref="h/ommuni"s/29650#448696"sryle>="fvnt-size:0.9em;"< /sdiv < /div class"aommuni"">< /ahame="r448698" /sa< Te Suote -hasJbee comrectod to sca the 'furch Jyare of ngel ' ... I'mclokiig cforwardmo sceenkgJheis ... hop mi bge=.ta goodaraladse. sp class"abyine > /ahref="h/sesr/2524 sclass"asesrriter,">essa/sa< | /ahref="h/ommuni"s/29650#448698"sryle>="fvnt-size:0.9em;"< /sdiv < /ahame="rlastnte >/sa< /sdiv sdiv class"aimallads> You ned to s/ahref="h/?rad>=og"i"> lg" in/sa bout N/ahref="h/?ign up=form" mdber ship/sa<./br />/br /> < /-- BEND COMMENTS--> < !-- BNAVLINKS--> < sdiv class"anavink s">< < /ahref="h/ommuni"s/29649 >&lauot; Older/sa< Te SCabinWni he SWoods mis". Wovie...   |   Husbands Climax (he ir cecod tsads... /ahref="h/ommuni"s/29652">Newr 2&rauot;/sa< ssdiv < sbr>!br> <