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September 12 2012

Shakespeare and home movies with Joss Whedon. Joss Whedon talks "Much Ado" at the Toronto International Film Festival with the New York Times. Bits on SHIELD and Dr. Horrible 2, also! In a related interview, Joss and Alexis discuss the time Joss played Hamlet at one of his famous Shakespeare readings.

"You know, the first year of “Firefly” was the last year of “Buffy” was the fourth year of “Dollhouse” was the year my son was born. After that year, nothing can kill me."

Slipped! He slipped! He IS human!!

I enjoyed this interview!
Slipped! He slipped! He IS human!!

I keep forgetting that not everyone got to see the fourth year of Dollhouse.

Oops. I have said too much.
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"the definitive melancholy Dane." - Yep I am totally kleptoing that one!
I could read endlessly about Joss and Shakespeare. I love all the discussion of his Shakespeare readings, because I've always wondered what parts his actors have played.
Oh how I'd love to see that Hamlet and that Macbeth.
I remember the Hamlet part. I think James Marsters said in an interview once a long time ago it was his dream to direct Joss in a Hamlet production. I guess he really made an impact. Oh, and can totally see Tara as Gertrude... perfect. Now I just really wanna know who played Lady Macbeth in the Macbeth reading... I mean they couldn't given Acker the plum part every time. I'm picturing Emma Caulfield...
Hamlet is my favorite of Shakespeare's plays, and that cast description sounds amazing.
Oh my. If I win the lottery will someone build me a time machine so I can go back to then, hide in the shrubbery or shape shift into a fly and watch Joss perform Hamlet? I think I died a little inside knowing he did and I'll never see it.

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I thought it was Amy Acker playing Lady Macbeth that inspired Joss to think that Fred could turn into Illyria. But of course I don't recall if that came from a DVD commentary or something else.
embers - I don't remember the source either, but I do remember hearing/reading the same thing somewhere.
Joss did just say that if he filmed another Shakespearean play it would be Hamlet. I took an entire University course just on that play, I love it so. So if he decides to go ahead with it and wants some scholarly background, I'm available!
That would be an interesting one to do as there are some marked age differences. Yet I can see Amber Benson do Gertrude despite being far too young. In Laurence Olivier's, the actress playing his Gertrude was younger than he was and that worked.

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I have no idea where I read this, but I have a vague memory that Illyria was inspired by Amy Acker's performance of Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream. I could very well be wrong, though, as Lady Macbeth also sounds like a possibility. Although for some reason I also remember reading that once Alexis Denisof played Bottom, so I don't know.
The quote has been corrected to say the 'fourth year of Angel' ... I'm looking forward to seeing this ... hope it gets a good release.

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