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September 12 2012

Husbands Climax (their second season). Actors Joss Whedon & Felicia Day interpret the inspired words of co-writer Jane Espenson.

"Jesus I'm gonna kill them."

That was for us.
I agree, but I was taken by Felicia Day demonstrating why Carl's Jr. shouldn't sell pizza....or not the way they sell really big burgers.

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I loved this finale! Made me cry ^
My favorite line: "It turns out, there's only nine of them."
The cast was to the roof! And the story was really great and beautiful and funny and touching. Great job Jane and Cheeks!

PS: More Joss cameos, pretty please? Wes was hilarious.
Lovely! Very well written. This series is growing on me by leaps and bounds.

The assistant director(s) ogling was the perfect comedic touch.
Funny stuff. I liked the first season, but this one has been even better. Joss did a great job.
I concur with Shapenew. That was awesome.
Only three episodes?
But longer episodes, Simon! Still, it was much too short.
I didn't watch any of the first season, so the 3 episodes caught me on the hop.
OMG Felicia!!
Hope everyone stayed past the credits.

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