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September 12 2012

Joss Whedon says 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' TV Series will star 'new characters'. Joss answers some of the questions that have been floating around in our thinkers.

Ugh. I need this show in my life. Like, NOW
"Even though they're a big organization, that [lack of powers] makes them underdogs, and that's interesting to me."

And THAT'S why I'm excited for this show. :D
Underdogs with nukes.

I am wondering what he means by 'no superheroes', 'cause I hope he just means The Avengers. I really want Mockingbird to be in the series^
The Boys pretty much satirised the idea of superheroes being competent team players. In all honestly, I would not want superheroes with powers on my top secret but highly visible espionage team. I would want to know how to take them down.
It is weird seeing Joss referring to a big shadowy organization as the underdogs. Wouldn't they usually be the villains in a Joss show? *sigh* Now that he is working for The Man his value system has totally changed.

(I was completely joking. Sorry if that was unclear. I am definitely looking forward to this show.)

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That's jumping to conclusions. The guy says one line about a organisation and that's proof he's changed?

Besides, this organisation are underdogs. In the movie they needed people with super powers to take down other people with superpowers. They're physically weaker and need to be smarter to take down any super villaons in the future.

But I guess it depends how one defines a underdog.
I think LadyJay is having a bit of fun. Joss, after all, has been working for The Man* on and off since the late 80s.

*And you don't get much more Man than Fox
Gaahh. This gives just enough information to raise a host of new questions. Notice they said it needs to be adjacent to the marvel "cinematic" universe. Does this mean there will be known marvel characters in the show, just not those seen in the movies? The fact that the stars don't have superpowers, does that mean no superhero involvement at all? Or will there be minor superheroes guest starring? Will there be superheroes involved at all, or will it just be humans vs. supervillains? I must know these things NOW!

On another note, I dont agree that Joss's comments here evince a change in values (but maybe that was a tongue in cheek comment?). If anything, it shows that Joss is approaching the material from a unique and interesting perspective, as he so often does. More generally, I dont really think that good television should necessarily be about promulgating a particular set of values.

In any event, I'm super duper psyched for this show.

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I'll go out on a limb and say that the premiere will feature at least one "major" name making a cameo.
Yeah, Simon, probably Nick Fury making a speech to recruits or something about the state of the world and the importance of SHIELD's mission. Seems like a logical way to create buzz and concisely establish the premise of the show.
I hope you are right Simon.

I'm going to be in the minority here and say that I'm not nearly as excited about this show as I was. I WANT familiar characters. I want Sharon Carter and Clay Quartermain. I want some super heroes.

This show sounds more like the equivalent of starting a new comic book line on Marvel that is completely new. Occasionally that will work (I didn't like Deadpool at first, but he became one of my favorites, and I detested Cable for years, mainly because I think Rob Liebfield an untalented hack - and why do all his characters look like they grind their teeth all the time, except for the women, who all have gigantic pouty lips?), but usually I'm left cold.

So, excited? Not nearly as much as I might have been, but, then, I had a huge love for the Marvel universe prior to this.
Whedon also said that the cast would consist of new characters separate from the ones we've seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe already.

So Sharon Carter etc could feature.
I still hope there'll be some cameos, though!
It is one of the beauties of the concept of S.H.I.E.L.D. that they can (hopefully) bring in a guest star from the Avengers for the occasional special episode, ratings boost. And they can introduce the public to new characters who might be able to cross over into the movies. For instance Cobie Smulder's character Maria Hill was well known to the comic book fans but was largely cut from the movie, but she would make a fantastic guest star on SHIELD. Evidently she is rumored to make an appearance in the next Captain America movie (according to imdb, which isn't always reliable).

They could have a lot of cross over fun with this. I'm really looking forward to it.

And I don't know whether LadyJay was kidding, but I'll bet my last dollar that everyone will be guilty of something either in the past or in the future. Even underdogs can be corrupted.
I was hoping he'd use original characters that he'd created. Movies and TV don't always cross-pollinate so well, and superheroes (especially in costume) are better in animation unless you have a big fat movie budget. Let that it's SHIELD just be a jumping off point for something new.
I'm darn near certain there will be all of the following in this show: 1) original characters Joss creates, 2) characters that tie in to the Marvel comics universe, and 3) characters that tie in to the Marvel movie universe.

Joss is going to need to do the first to get the characters he needs to fill out a tv show, without the second it's not really a show about S.H.I.E.L.D. specifically, and wasn't the entire point of the endeavor to capitalize on the popularity of the third?

Hey, look, everybody's happy! :)
Will the boys from SHIELD meet the Man from UNCLE ?
There'll be an action girl who will discover she's "the Chosen one", an adorably nerdy techie girl, a hilariously snarky ubergeek guy, an older mentor figure who seems very trustworthy but is hiding a dark secret...
Funny but true, waterproof. I'd wager that these "original" characters will be filled out by Joss' stable of oft-repeated archetypes.
Simon,Sharon Carter might be in the Captain America sequel.
I'm going to be in the minority here and say that I'm not nearly as excited about this show as I was. I WANT familiar characters. I want Sharon Carter and Clay Quartermain. I want some super heroes.

I'm definitely on team "I want original Joss characters" but I suspect you shouldn't feel too downcast. Joss can't resist larger mythologies; if the show is successful, I'm pretty sure it will start weaving in stuff from the existing Marvel universe more and more.
Joss is not going to give us what we want. He's going to give us what we need.

I'm going to trust the master to ply his trade well, and then have his minions ply well for him.
I'm on the "give us Joss characters" bandwagon. I don't always like having fanboys telling me everything I missed because I didn't read the comics. And I like geeking out on my own things too, but for a television series I'd rather have the canon be the series.

As for the Superheroes showing up, I could still see Captain America, Hawkeye, and Fury making appearances. Those characters, aside from the check the TV series would have to write, have to overwhelm the action. Captain America can, but he's far less "shock and awe" than IM, Thor, and The Hulk. I can't see Widow only because I can't see ScarJo taking a TV role. But I could be wrong.

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Will the boys from SHIELD meet the Man from UNCLE ?

Ducky from NCIS?

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