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September 13 2012

(SPOILER) Joss talks 'Cabin' Black Room with Wired. Video interview and article with spoilers from Cabin DVD/Blu-Ray extras.

"Drew was writing the scene []... Do you want to take a swing at that?'" Whedon says in the behind-the-scenes video above from the film's upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release. "I was like, 'Psh, only totally.'"

One of the highlights of the "Visual Companion" book is Drew recounting that story of Joss writing the diary. The quote is something like "I couldn't write my own name over and over as fast as he wrote that diary."
“This set is the realization of that little germ that lived in my little black shriveled heart.” Such a lovely visual.
If you haven't bought the Visual Companion for Cabin, I highly recommend it!

I also remember that it was all too easy for Joss to write the diary entries...

Oh, we all know how sick Joss can be haha
Well, darn it. I want to see this sooooo bad, but don't have the stomach/heart/nerves for horror. I had too much anxiety to see it on the big screen. Can't get the nerve up to order the DVD... I've tried!

This video clinched it: Too scary. All you guys who saw it- I'm glad for you. And envious.
Am I looking forward to the features and commentary on the Blu-ray?

Psh, only totally.

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