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September 13 2012

(SPOILER) Scott Allie Slayalive Q/A for Buffy # 13. Covers many different topics.

Well, I'm glad she takes the check. Thanks for clearing that up KoC (and Scott).
Thanks for sharing that, Buffyfantic. FYI, guys, we'll be doing another one with Scott next issue.
She hesitates, but she takes the check—she just doesn't take the job.If that's unclear we'll adjust it in the trade.

It wasn't unclear. It's just not what was on the page. Not sure how you'd fix it without redoing the entire page.
Yeah, it is not what they show.
The dialog in the comic doesn't say what happened to the check, but it seems to show Buffy giving it back to Kennedy. In one panel, she's holding the check and looking at it. The next panel is a close-up of the check in her hand like she's giving it back to Kennedy. The next panel shows the check on Kennedy's desk. The final panel is a close-up of Buffy's face declaring that she is THE slayer.

That seems pretty unambiguous that she didn't accept the check. I wonder how the script was worded for that page.
I am glad he cleared up the whole "Saving one vs. Saving the world" confusion too. I think it was pretty clear that by season 7 Buffy was willing to make sacrifices to save the world. She said as much to Giles.

And as such she truly has taken on some of Giles's wisdom. I believe, given the choice, the Buffy of today would have sacrificed Ben in order to kill Glory. Season 5 Buffy would never had done that.

Unfortunately that makes Buffy less of a "hero" in the traditional sense of the word. She will sacrifice people for the good of the whole, because that is what a Slayer does. A slayer saves the world. A lot. A hero tries not to make compromises. They try to save everyone. You would never see Superman allow for there to be casualties. But Supeman, while basically a god, does not have the weight of the world on his shoulders like Buffy.

And I think that is what a lot of people don't like in Buffy anymore. People did not love Buffy in Season 6 or 7. She was different. Darker. This attitude has continued in the comics where Buffy has gone from "right and wrong" to "what is best." Less black and white, more shades of grey.

I also think that Buffy seriously lost her way for awhile in Season 8. She tried to escape her problems by getting rid of her slayerhood while in Tibet, then for a brief moment she bought into the while Twilight BS of a better world before deciding Angel off his rocker and became the Slayer again when she broke the seed saving the world from all manners of hell. In Season 9 she has been working her way through what it means to be Buffy in this new world and what it means to be the Slayer. Something that is a constant battle for her, for sure. But for now she seems to have gotten back on track.
Personally, I think if Scott Allie has to clarify what the comic showed, it did not do a good job of showing it.
@Dana5140, agree.

I just read the comic last night. In that last scene, Buffy is giving back that check. There's a slim chance that it could go from Kennedy's desk to Buffy's back pocket but the narrative is not really foreshadowing that change.

I think I liked Buffy's voice better in the preggar bot arc which is a strange feeling. This arc just seemed to meander. I wanted to know a little more about Kennedy, Kohl and even that hawk in the white room. I need a a bit more character development when the plot is kind of weak.

I also had to keep checking if I was looking at Buffy or Kennedy. The dim coloring in those last few panels seemed to muddy their faces for me to the point that I really didn't know it was Kennedy with Kohl.

Maybe my age is showing?

Not my favorite arc.

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I was mainly only confused when B&K were in the *same* panels and the color was wonKy.
So not just my not to far from senior eyes. Huh.

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