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September 13 2012

Clips from the first episode of David Krumholtz's new series, Partners. David Krumholtz bromance premieres Monday 24 Oct on CBS.

Save yourselves! Seriously. :(

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Please bring back Numb3rs
Ah yes, I remember this Partners/Greenstein thing. That's gotta be one of the most infuriating creative experiences a person could have: They cancel your original idea, then make virtually the same thing 15 years later without even acknowledging you and on top of all that, it's pretty bad... Yikes. Ah well, at least Jeff got to direct Husbands (and Joss) instead!

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IrrationaliTV said it right, save yourselves. The only thing I found funny was the fact that Brandon Routh's love interest is named Louis. And that's about it. I can't believe they cast these people into these roles. Sophia Bush can't use your voice to sell jokes, she is always one note. And I can't say anything positive about the rest of the cast. The show overall is just not funny. But it's not the worst comedy of the year. That could possibly go to "Guys With Kids" or "The Neighbors" and don't forget "The Malibu County"

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