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"Have you ever tried to clean an actual slate? You'll always see what was on it before."
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September 14 2012

Pop Culture Happy Hour discussion of Much Ado About Nothing. Discussion of Much Ado About Nothing screening at the Toronto Film Festival starts at 17:30 of the podcast.
Not sure if I should mark the spoilers box, Glen Weldon does give a "400-year-old spoiler alert..." warning.

"If there was only one thing I could go back to see again, it would be the Joss Whedon", that is a huge compliment! Of course it is clear that she is a Whedon fan, but still... there were a lot of good films at TIFF. I want to see this so much!
I went this second time with some non Whedon fans and fervent TIFF goers and they loved it. One of them was rushing off to buy the music on iTunes, but of course it isn't there.
I was telling someone at work about it today, without mentioning Joss' name (which he wouldn't know) and that it was TV actors, and he thought it all sounded pretty cool.
Wow, they really do sound like those people on Saturday Night Live (no, I've never listened to NPR before.)

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