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September 14 2012

The psychotic Cabin in the Woods Monsters you didn't see in theaters! i09 has an exclusive Making Of Blu-ray clip that includes a passel of baddies that didn't make it onto the big screen.

The piece also announces a live chat with Drew Goddard on September 19th and invites readers to join in and ask questions.

I can't play the vid right now but is that the KKK?
Yes. Who, brilliantly, aren't writhing or champing at the bit. They're just standing there.
Is the lady in the bikini at the end some sort of test footage or did they include a 50 ft woman too?
She's actually in there, if you look closely at the wall of elevators.
I loved seeing the 50 ft woman, but I didn't see The Crawling Eye or the Attacking Killer Tomatoes (old time movie favorites).
Meanwhile, I just watched the movie again, and I keep getting distracted by the woman in white we only see from behind, in a hallway, with singing. She's not in the script. She's where a fireball was supposed to be.

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Which would indeed be distracting.
Waiting for the DVD release, can't wait! Though, I must say, 50ft. woman...crawling eye....attack of the killer tomatoes?!

I feel some leg pulling here. Sneaky people all:)
Madhatter, I'm pretty sure those old 'horror' movies are available to rent on DVD (I never get tired of them my own self)!
Tomatoes! Childhood trauma relived...

I remember opening the fridge as a kid and side eying a scrunched up tomato waiting for it to make the first move.

Ah, days when special affects were a free thing called an over active imagination LoL

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