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September 14 2012

Morena looks amazing in October's Esquire. Described as "woman we love", can't disagree.

who knew she could look like one of the 60's versions of a "Bond" girl!
Is it bad I'm not surprised? She's gorgeous!!!
I'll be in my bunk....

Come on-someone was gonna say it:-)
Is the writing on Esquire always this overwrought? And yes, she is beautiful. But we knew that a long time ago!
She's beautiful, but too much Photoshop. She doesn't need it!
I couldn't finish because the writing was so overwrought- whee!
Yeah, pretty much always has been over-wrought, ever since the 60s. Plus they enjoy writing about things they don't understand, although this isn't an example of it!
Maybe written before the effects of all that wine wore off :)
Speaking of writing, why does this still say "Ocober"? ;)
@b!x: Nobody was looking at the spelling; we were... distracted.
I'll be in my -

Damn it, someone already beat me to it...
Someone has been reading "Dusk in Fierce Pajamas" by E. B. White.
The "tonk tonk tonk" of her heels?

I liked the idea of her sitting amongst wine and cheese wheels being interviewed but the piece is about the writer's vision of her, not giving us the reader the feel of who Morena really is, at least not to me. I did love her quote about brunettes but hope she said it with more than a bit of tongue in cheek.
Forgot to mention, there are more (different) photos in the actual Magazine 👍💓
And she's also gorgeous when not being retouched to death, though Esquire may not have been aware of that...
This is the same feature that gave Summer her little-corner-of-a-cover story in Esquire last year, and it certainly did a good job of making Summer seem like a lovable woman.... Add on this one, and somebody at that magazine certainly seems to have good taste :)

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