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September 15 2012

MTV Movies' blog interviews Tom Lenk and Nathan at TIFF. Somehow the conversation veers to Nathan's guide on how to give a hug.

I hate those MTV videos, they won't play in Canada. Their Canadian website doesn't seem to have the same shows either. What's really dumb is they filmed it in Canada, but can't play it up here?
Oh how sweet is that?!?! Someone put it up at youtube so Ktara can see it!
It's working fine here in Austria (of all places.)

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That's a pretty decent technique.
Not available in the UK either.

Aw! I want a Nathan hug!

Andy Hallett gave good hugs. Amber Benson gives good ones, too. Danny Strong was just a bit awkward, given the height difference. Tony Head commits to a hug.

Danny reaches up, Tony reaches down and pulls you close, Amber hugs at the same level as her huggee.
Will I sound too boastful if I say that Joss gives great hugs...? I was assuming he would pull away first, and instead he held it longer than I expected. It still makes me happy to remember that one time I got to meet Joss!
boo - I want to see it too! London's not a good enough location for MTV blog *grumble*
Sounds like you've got this down to a science, ShadowQuest! I can also attest that Nicholas Brendan gives excellent hugs.
I've gotta refine my hugging technique
Danny doesn't have to reach up with me. :)
Is there a link to youtube? There seems to be quite a bit of our Nathan there.
I love these weird Josh Horowitz videos where either I find some new appreciation of surprisingly game people or when I'm already a fan and they reveal a seemingly perfectly natural rapport.

I forget how many other Whedon affiliated people he's interviewed aside from The Avengers cast though.
ShadowQuest: Methinks the height differences and/or lack of affected all three hugs :-).

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