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September 17 2012

'The Avengers' Blu-ray/DVD is out in the UK today. No Joss commentary so hold off until the inevitable special "cash-in" edition? Btw it looks like the scene involving Loki and Coulson has been edited (it certainly was in Germany). ETA: An SFX blogger calls the release a "debacle" and sounds off about it in this blog entry. Update: The BBFC is investigating whether the edited scene is a breach of the Video Recording Act.

Do we know if the US bluray is region free?
I absoulutely hate you Brits, you always get the fun toys first!
Color me jealous!
So it's censored in the UK, too? Looks like I'll have to import the Italian version then.
Bit disappointed with our version. Very scant extras.
Yeah, it's been out for a while in The Netherlands as well - same version, I think. Didn't buy it, waiting to see if the US version is region free :).
Lack of commentary unacceptable. Voting with my wallet and waiting.
"So it's censored in the UK, too? Looks like I'll have to import the Italian version then"

UK and US have yet to be confirmed according to the linked article.
Really peeved at lack of commentary, the ridiculous uk title, and now the possibility that it's censored for no particular reason.
Voted with my wallet on amazon UK weeks ago when the commentary news first appeared. Removed order and stated it as the reason for doing so. I am not a Marvel fan and found the film far too long but was tempted back to support Joss and hear it.
Dare say those pirate heroes will spring in and put the commentary up eventually then I *might* buy it. Still struggling to believe how badly Disney has done this one considering the box office gross and huge sales potential, but the lack of extras was bad already.

Now, Cabin in the Woods on the other hand... ;)
Do we know if the US bluray is region free?

The (British) author of the BleedingCool piece mentions having imported a US blu-ray and having no problems with it. First confirmation that I've heard, and it means my choice is now down to the US blu-ray and the delayed US blu-ray box set. :-)

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Surely I wasn't the only one offered a free Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo edition of Avengers by Amazon to compensate for the delay?

Curious to hear if UK, US, or Australia are edited as well now.
From Chris Gould, the Editor of DVDActive:

AVENGERS - The Special Features - Forums - DVDActive

"I'm trying to get confirmation of that now. If it is the case, it's moronic and more than likely because they wanted to use a Eurozone disc for the UK to save money. The film was passed with no cuts by the BBFC, so there's no legal reason for it. Actually, the fact that they might have released a version of the film that wasn't submitted for certification could raise some interesting questions. If it is cut I urge everyone to bombard them with emails demanding a replacement. They treat the UK like c**p (DTS-HD HR audio, fewer extras etc.) while demanding a premium for their titles and it's only in force that we have a chance of getting them to mend their ways."

The rumour is currently that the US blu is region free. So that's good new at least. I've just ordered the 3D edition that also includes the extra DVD that in America is a Target exclusive. In the UK it's Sainsburys. I got it from bluraysforeveryone.
Either a link got changed or I was just confused. Here's that BleedingCool piece with the mention on the American blu-ray being region free.
I know we are a very small minority in terms of the millions of people who will buy Avengers on DVD, but the fact that there is no director's commentary on the biggest movie of the year is painfully stupid. I feel for you Europeon Whedonites!
We got the directors cut! That was Joss's cut!
I added a link to an SFX piece which really sums up how a lot of us are feeling. And yes there is no commentary on the Tesco's DVD.
I ordered the US version.
And an American blu-ray player.
I don't want to deal with any of this "Europeans get inferior product 'cause who cares" nonsense, and apparently Blu-Ray players don't have that nifty region free unlocking ability that most DVD players have.
How can they get it so wrong? I just don't understand it. Why is the UK release so different to the US release? There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. They've turned it from "instant buy" to "complete miss" for me, but it's not like my actions will make a difference to them. Really disappointed.
Its a travesty. But its nothing really new, not even with Josses work. The whole widescreen/fullscreen thing on Buffy, the special edition of Serenity that never crossed to too many countries, and it happens all the time. Its just that with the box office monster this has been, it seems allmost impossible to believe.

And after all... Only USA got a second post credits scene, wich as far as gorram ups go was in the same spirit than this... no? Even when the consecuences were not nearly this devastating.

Being european, im used to import from other countries to find the best edition, but it allmost never happened to me with the 3rd grossing movie of all time...

Also, daylight, unfortunately, its not just the UK...

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The widescreen/fullscreen thing wasn't that much of a problem (except for the shots that got recropped I suppose; that was annoying), and with its ample commentaries and fruity oaty special features I never felt like I was missing anything with the Serenity DVD (should I have been?). The Avengers DVD here is bare to the bones and offers me nothing I didn't already see at the cinema, and apparently a scythe less at that. What's the point?
I'll be sending my copy back.
I don't understand how the UK would get a generic Eurozone disc if it has a different UK only title?
BBFC say they're going to investigate the cut on Twitter.
Good for them. I'll add that news to the link, cheers.
I bought the six disc box set, Avengers with IM1+2, CA, Hulk and Thor, since I didn't have them on Blu Ray already.
I knew about the lack of commentary but the censorship, while minor, pisses me off. It was bad enough when the BBC aired Buffy at 6PM and always censored Buffy snapping monsters necks. They'd be fighting and suddenly the baddie would just decide to lie down and go to sleep. Very strange if you didn't know the reason!

Edit: Haven't actually watched it yet, so assuming comments about the censorship are correct. I'll apologise to Disney if we're all wrong.

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daylight: There was another edition of Serenity in the states that had a new commentary with Joss, Nathan, Summer and Ron Glass that never made it to a lot of countries. The one that did, though, only had the first Joss comentary that came trough the original edition that came out first.

There was also a comentary for season 4 of Buffy for Oz last epiosde on the first part of the series (that is, not counting New Moon Rising) by Seth Green that was USA only, but i can understand that one, as Buffy´s seasons on dvd in USA came way after the european, and i guess when this came out in Europe, the commentary wasnt done yet. I guess, at least...

The widescreen/fullscreen IS a great problem, at least for me. I believe in correct OAR and in correct composition, its a very important part of audiovisual medium, and if Joss has been pestering about it (and the Body commentary completelky prooves 4:3 should be the one)... But thats a dead horse already, we shall better not mention it at all. Just a side note. This is about Avengers... ;) Sorry.

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so, either the US Blu-Ray or back to DVD? This sucks. Glad I didn't preorder. I'd really like to understand the reasoning behind this, though. I mean, I'm sure it's about saving money but how much can it be to be worth the lost sales and the bad rep?
Just checked my UK disc...its cut! Grr!
So I kinda figured my Blu-Ray was just like the British version even tho on the back of it it talks about ratings for Scandinavian countries (I'm in Iceland) and stuff.

But I just checked mine to be sure and the scene has been edited there too. So huh. o_O What the hell is up with that. I don't even know.

This is totally a debacle.
Is the movie supposed to be full screen? I actually think they look more HQ in full screen, so i'm actually happy about that, i'm annoyed they edited that scene though, so i'll probably import the US version.
That certification thing may be problematic for Marvel if they have to withdraw it.

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The movie was shot at a full screen ratio. Apparently this was a creative decision to help in framing shots set in a city where there lots of buildings and vertical lines as apposed to big epic vistas where a wider ratio looks so nice.
Kind of loving the idea that this botched BR may be taken off sale for unrelated matters.
Plus... Disney release getting potentially banned from sale temporarily *for* censoring... kind of awesome.
The spanish dvd, 2d and 3d blu ray are all censored... I mean.. c´mon... This is a joke.
On the upside if there is a breach of certification it might mean Disney have to withdraw this version and the quick option would be to put out the US version and offer a replacement service for those of us who've bought the thing.

We can but dream.
I just saw the Sainsbury version on ebay, for those outside the UK that wants it. I'll wait to see if the US version is region free.
@Darkness you can always just crop the screen yourself though. To be honest, at first I was pleased to get the extra sides of the screens - it is effectively extra content - but after a while I realised that it's almost certainly a better show in 4:3...

If the release does get withdrawn, then one should assume the re-release will be Exactly The Same Plus Protruding Spear.
Can it be assumed that the iTunes UK version of the film is censored as well? It doesn't look to have any commentary as an "iTunes Extra", but I never watch the commentaries anyway so it doesn't bother me. The censorship doesn't particularly bother me either, but I would still be interested to know.
I am currently watching the iTunes UK and it does indeed miss the scythe.
@Kingofskiffle: Thanks
Checked my copy, and bloody spear is there, unchanged, thus seems to be mostly an European issue so far.
Finally watched it, and yep, it's censored. I also had huge problems getting the disc to play at all. I bought the six disc box set Blu Ray and Avengers and Captain America refused to play on my BR player. You'd get the big A symbol then nothing. Re load the disc and you'd get the play menu, click play and then after a few seconds it'd give you the Menu again. Took ages to get it to play.
"I am currently watching the iTunes UK and it does indeed miss the scythe."

Which is even more stupid as downloads aren't subject to BBFC classification!
This is terrible and makes no sense.

I read the blog article. Does anyone have theories on why that scene was changed?
Movie industry middlemen, soon to be redundant, will have a much better chance of keeping their jobs if they stop antagonising everyone. They seem not to realise this.

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