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September 17 2012

Song performed by Neil Patrick Harris wins Outstanding Song at last night's Creative Emmy Awards.

Sometimes it's fun and/or constructive to undermine cliches by playing into them.. Sometimes it's neither.

(On another note, I discovered on Animal Planet that Neal is seriously into magic in real life, it's not just Stinson characterization.)
It's worth noting that it wasn't just a song performed by Neil that won - possibly more relevant is the fact the whole Tony Awards ceremony that the song was part of (the 2011 show) won Outstanding Special Class Program and as he was a producer (and host, but it's the producing part that counts here), he actually got a statue for that one. He didn't technically win in the song category as it was for music/lyrics.

The Penguins Of Madagascar: "The Return Of The Revenge Of Dr. Blowhole" won for Outstanding Animated Program too - Neil provided the voice of Dr Blowhole in that.

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