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September 18 2012

'The Cabin in the Woods' is out today on DVD/Blu-ray in the US and Canada. Relive the glory of one of the most talked about horror films in years.

Buying this on my lunch break.
For those looking for another little addition, Buffy introcast Potentialcast has done a special commentary for CitW. (Unsure if allowed to link to site - easy enough to find.)
Haven't heard it yet but those familiar with Potential/Redemptioncast might want to give it a try.
You mean, buy my favorite horror film of all time? Yeah, will do :)

I've never bought a horror film on Blu Ray, in fact the last scary movie I bought was Saw when I was in High School. As you can tell, a horror film needs to absolutely blow me away if I'm going to see it again. Cabin has forever changed the way I look at the genre. The second the credits rolled, I glanced over to my best friends who are Whedonites and said "That's my favorite horror film of all time."

Gah. Can't stop gushing about this film :D
Just picked it up.
I'm only sad I have to wait until it's dark to watch it. Then immediately afterwards with commentary! Has anyone seen the special features yet? How are they?

I'll finally be showing this to my girlfriend who only likes some Whedon and has never liked a horror movie, so we'll see how this goes.
Wait. There's really no gag reel?
Isn't it featured in Fran's behind the scenes footage?
The specs/reviews say that's just him showing us his character's drug stuff.
Bought it at midnight and have watched it 3 times on DVD and once with commentary, so glad it's finally out!
So, when it comes to this movie, which version is the best? Are UK and US identical? Missing extras or anything like that? Any exclusives? Are any region free?

I know the UK version isn't out yet, I just wanted to know if there's been any complaints about it yet?
As far as I can tell, the Blu-ray has one more extra feature than the DVD and it's not that great. There is an exclusive two-disc DVD/Blu-ray that the Dutch got. Not sure if it has any extra extras on it.
Are UK and US identical?

In the UK version, they digitally altered Fran's bong so it only opens to 70% of the length of the US version. Oh sure, they'll tell you it's the same as the version they released in the theaters.
I CAN NOT WAIT to see this again tonight!!!

Watching with commentary! ;)

A film with Fran Kanz and Chris Hemsworth with Drew directing/cowriting with Joss? Sign me up :D
I just wish I had a blu ray drive in my lap top so I could watch the movie in my bed.

I love all the behind the scenes stuff. I didn't realize they had THAT many monsters in the movie. Jesus. Alot of hard work went into this film. I haven't listened to the commentary yet or used the bonus view mode. I wish it had a gag reel.
As far as I can tell from the interwebs, the Dutch Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack hasn't got the picture in picture viewing mode, but has got everything else - and nothing extra.

Can anyone who has seen the US Blu-Ray say if that extra's worth it? If not, I'll run down to the local shops tomorrow, to pick up that combo pack.
I heard about Fran's bong size being reduced in UK/Europe but not sure why etc. Am hoping that apart from this the film n extras r same as other regions
I thought that @Yoink was joking about the bong. That's hilarious. And dumb.

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