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September 18 2012

Latest on The Avengers' 'Speargate' saga - BBFC issue statement. The British Board of Film Classification admit to a technical mistake made on their website but emphasise that "The DVD/Blu-ray version of Marvel Avengers Assemble is classified 12. It differs from the theatrical version submitted to the BBFC which is classified 12A". Which contradicts what Disney UK said yesterday.

"We're not going to provide you with the film you paid for. Please don't illegally download it."
I'm holding out for a version in this country with the extra bits the states got.
More and more, these explanations read like: "Whoa there, cherished audience, let's not get upset over nothing. There's a perfectly good explanation. It is as follows: Screw you guys, we got your cash!"
Throughout all of this I'm reminded of the representation of Disney in South Park. Seems about right.
That headline just makes me think of Wash.
I'm trying to understand their statement. Did they have the theatrical version on a website and did they then replace it with the speargate version from the UK DVD/Blu Ray release?
They haven't got my cash. And now they won't.
@brinderwalt: Just be glad Disney didn't get to release or edit that film too.

Both of the statements from the Disney rep cannot be true. Either they did (LIARS) cut the UK film as stated, and did so after the BBFC had rated it - illegal - for the cinema release...
Or the BR/DVD added this edit.
Both cannot be true, and one is a violation of the VRA.
@apollo11: Personally, I think "I Am A Leaf On The Wind" could be an AMAZING song and dance number.

Wait, how are they in legal trouble if the theatrical and DVD releases indeed received separate ratings (the second of which was erroneously posted by the BBFC as being the same as the first). They did say something that was blatantly false, that the UK theatrical release did not have the spear, but I don't see how that puts them in violation of the law. The only way I see legal repercussions is if an edited theatrical release was aired.

Not saying they shouldn't get in trouble for messing with the film, just that I'm not seeing how they're in legal trouble in either case.
That's what I meant; if the Disney rep claim about it being edited for theatrical *was* true, that would be in violation of the law as it would not be the same version the BBFC approved (which had the spear tip). If what the rep had said was true, they would have just admitted breaking the law editing it after it had been certified for theatrical.
(So either they did that... or edited it for BR/DVD and are lying that it was cut in the theatrical release.)
@Paperspock He was saying that if the spear was removed before it went to cinema they broke the law as the film shown in cinemas was not the film rated by the BBFC.
But... it's not true. It was in the UK theatrical cut - I saw it with my own eyes!!!

Besides which it couldn't possibly be the same as the theatrical cut if the schwarma scene is tacked onto the end of it - which I understand it is.
So did we all. But Disney say they cut it and we never saw it in the theatrical run.
And Disney trying to claim that is hilarious... Because it would have been illegal if it were true.
Not sure anyone's said this yet, apologies if they have. Just watched Avengers Assemble on Sky Box Office, the spear tip was definitely not present BUT the schwarma scene was! *mind boggles*
@brinderwalt: Just be glad Disney didn't get to release or edit that film too.

But that just means that if they had he might still be alive...

I don't know - I'm torn.
cannot believe Disney has done this as makes no sense the cinema edit could have been used as 12A n 12 are basically same rating just used differently for cinema/home release! Also them saying about not wanting fans to double dip is funny seen as hmv, sainsburys, tescos etc all have exclusive versions so for fans to get all the extras they would have to buy a number of different versions

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