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September 18 2012

Nathan Fillion on the Newest Episode of Aisha Tyler's Girl on Guy Podcast. They discuss technology, geek culture, gaming, and achieving cult status.

You can find the episode on iTunes and on the Girl on Guy website.

In case you can't find it on iTunes (the episode may not be uploaded yet), it is available for streaming at this direct link.

The warning on the website says "explicit content. Don't play this to your mom."

I'm not very impressed with this interviewer: the first 12 minutes are mostly about her, and then they just discuss Canada... which is interesting, but not really what I look for in an interview. The 'explicit' thing is because she likes to swear where there is no reason to do so. Oh, finally 28 minutes in they start talking about his choice of college (and she still wants to talk about herself).
embers - If you're not familiar with Aisha Tyler's work, she's not an interviewer at all, or a journalist. She's a stand up comedian and actor (she's in Archer and hosts The Talk). Her podcast is more akin to conversations with her guests rather than interviews, and the topics are frequently wide-ranging. This isn't a podcast actors do purely to promote their work, like going on Letterman or Leno.

And if you're not familiar with many podcasts in general, every host of every podcast I listen to starts by talking about his or her upcoming projects and sponsors. It's how they generate support for their own work and their own podcast.
:( There were plenty of screaming fans at the LA premiere, Nathan. I was there!
Yeah, have to agree with embers. I'm sure AT is a lovely and talented lady, but she was clearly determined to be heard lol, and I learned way more about her than about her guest (and questions/topics weren't exactly new and original). Those shrill tones made me turn it off half way through. May be some other time.
Having re-doven (?) into the world of podcasts lately, I agree with the ninja reportís summation. One thing I'm constantly reminding myself when I dive into an unfamiliar podcast is that I, as a newbie, am a secondary or tertiary audience. The primary audience the podcaster has in mind is generally those who have followed the podcast and the podcaster for an extended run, and the guest (in this case Nathan) is often trying to triangulate between themselves, the impression of the interests of the audience that they get from the podcaster, and the podcaster's style. And sometimes that might leave me in the cold, but that just means the podcast is in reference to a relationship that I haven't had a hand in.

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I agree with Embers. I'm familiar with the conversational style in podcasts but it also isn't awesome as a conversation. She has cut Nathan off in mid swntence 6 times so far in the first 15 minutes.

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