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"May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one."
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September 18 2012

'Cabin In The Woods' Director spills on movie monsters and his Boyz II Men preferences. Drew states: "Why did I choose Boyz II Men? Now that's going to haunt me. I guess "End of the Road." Doesn't everyone love "End of the Road"?"

I love "End of the Road" too. Played the vid. Blew nose.

The secret-keeping has been monumental. I expected to hear all about everything within a week if not hours, and really have not, though the trickle increases as more people assume everyone has seen it or been spoiled.

Looking forward to disc and semi-snockered commentary!
I cannot wait for my 'CitW' DVD (I just hope I get most of the extras available on Blu-Ray, because I decided I just can't waste money buying a Blu-Ray player just to get a couple of extra extras). It is on it's way.
Oooh. Drunkentary.
How hilarious is that? Joss and Drew getting blotto while they spill their beans. Wonder if we could get a drunkentary or a stonertary from the cast?


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