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February 17 2004

Working title for Firefly movie revealed and some other positive tidbits at

Well at least one Mutant Enemy idea seems to be still flying.

I'm so hoping that we get definitive good news on the Firefly movie soon. It'd help with the sting of losing Angel.
Finally, some good news!
Woot! But won't this be confusing as it is also the name of the Pilot episode of the show?

/not confusing for me, just thinking of the masses
Yes, but it's just the working title. I assume they plan to change it once they think of a more appropriate one.
so at least there is some sunshine in the sky... now i feel like watching all the dvds now. I guess im not going out tonight....
re: confusion. Only fans of the show will remember the pilot, and they're going anyway. the "masses" won't remember "serenity" at all, hence no confusion.

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