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September 19 2012

The Avengers' Blu-ray Speargate Episode IV: A New Explanation. Disney UK now says "another region's elements were inadvertently used to create the UK in home release". A complete reversal, of course, on what they said two days ago. Update: Watchdog tweeted to say that they will hopefully be featuring the DVD tonight on BBC1 at 8pm.

Given the failure to acknowledge the other explanation that was falsely disseminated, should we assume they're telling the truth about it being "inadvertent", or would we be better off assuming that just like everything else in this release it was just mass-produced on the cheap in the hope that nobody would notice?
Even if Disney had the spear for themselves and tapped repeatedly on my chest, they couldn't make me believe a word of this.
They've curiously left out the "and yes, it was in the UK release and you all saw it too" as well.
That piece "thanking" the fans is pure comedy gold too given how they've thanked us with a crappy basic DVD/BR after making a ridiculous amount out of us all.

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We thank our fans for their vigilance in recognizing this and apologize for the mix up.

I guess they forgot to add "if you send us the disc back we will give you the proper version". Because that would be the decent thing to do.
I'm only in here to express my admiration for the title. Heh.

I still will not be buying the dvd any time soon at this rate...
Simon said: "I guess they forgot to add "if you send us the disc back we will give you the proper version". Because that would be the decent thing to do."

And, if I may complete your suggested addage: "Please accept this edition with everything from the commentary track to the 90-minute documentary on it. Have some free posters while we're at it."
@skittledog I had to be very careful not to include the word "hope" as there clearly isn't any to be found.
They would have to get it recertified by the BBFC to reissue it. I can't see them doing that. The BBFC will only rate a work in it's entirety and it's expensive.
Hey Hollywood, this is why I torrent.
Good to know the House of Mouse fails at rudimentary PR, too.
Simon is right: The proper PR move at this state of the game is to begin a disc swapping program for those who are upset by the changes to the U.K. films and not just sitting there saying "Oops. Our bad, but that's the movie you get."
I hate knowing that my Blu-Ray purchase in the states lines Disney's pockets. I wish Marvel would have fought on for a little longer from a corporate owner.
Looks like Watchdog will be covering speargate tonight on the BBC.
This is roughly equals parts as annoying as it is hilarious. Similarly to their competence at PR about equals their ability to match the movie content to the right territory. I'm almost laughing.

My cash is staying in my pocket until they can sort it out.

In the mean time I guess I'll be waiting for the US release to come out a torrent.
Thanks MichaelH, I added that info to the entry.
Ah. Entitled fans able to justify stealing. Not cool.
@IrrationaliTV I don't know whether your comment is directed at me or not - but I assure you I don't intend to steal anything whatsoever.

In fact my intention is to purchase, just as soon as a proper quality release is available to me.
At least George Lucas isn't involved. The film would be reissued and Coulson would have stabbed Loki first.
Or 20th Century Fox, as we'd still be waiting on their website to buy the DVD.
If it were Fox, they'd cancel the movie during the second half-hour.
I hope the US release goes a whole lot more smoothly, because this has been a fustercluck.
it's on! BBC1

ETA: and its over. quick pass. Hulk Angry lol

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Well they certainly got to the bottom of that!
Well that was 'pointless'! 30 seconds at most with no interviews or statements from anyone!
Did Disney just contradict what they told Bleeding Cool?
I tweeted a few weeks ago saying this would go wrong. Sadly, I was right.

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I've joined the 'buying it from America' club (I live in the UK).

I like my extras, particularly on a Joss project!
Also, I find it very strange that I can't seem to get a DVD/Blu Ray combo pack in the UK! Paramount's Thor and Cap releases were great, so it's a shame that Disney seem to have cocked up this first release.
I wonder how significantly this actually affects their possible sales. I mean, I'm a dedicated Whedon fan (almost the only DVDs I actually bother to own are anything-at-all-by-Joss) but I can't say I'd actually care very much about whether or not I get to see the tip of Loki's spear protrude from Agent Coulson's chest in that scene. It's not as if without seeing that any significant plot point gets changed in the slightest; Loki still stabbed him from behind, Agent Coulson still dies etc. If I had two versions in front of me, one altered and one unaltered, I'd go ahead and buy the unaltered one, but if only the altered one were available I'd still buy it and enjoy the movie perfectly well.

I would, on the other hand, care very much about the Joss commentary, enough to make me wait for the US release and purchase it there--but what percentage of a popcorn-movie's DVD/BluRay audience actually cares about director commentary? I assume it can't be all that high or Disney would have put a bit more effort into getting it out there, no?
Well as far as I can tell, the rating for the DVD/Blu-ray has gone from 4 stars to 3 stars on since Monday. At the minutes, there's more 1 star reviews than 5 stars.
And yet it's currently number one, two and seven in Amazon's bestsellers list.
Well as far as I can tell, the rating for the DVD/Blu-ray has gone from 4 stars to 3 stars on since Monday. At the minutes, there's more 1 star reviews than 5 stars.

True, but it's also #1 and #2 in the film sales rank. You don't have to read far in the user reviews to understand very quickly that the low ratings are not for the film but for the way that Disney have handled the release. If you're a casual fan, I'm not sure the 3-star average review will do much to deter you from buying. But who knows? Presumably there is some kind of formula to predict what would constitute "normal" sales of the DVD absent this kind of controversy. It will be interesting to see how that pans out.
True, but it's also #1 and #2 in the film sales rank.

True but how much do pre-orders play in the rankings? Loads of people are going to buy the discs regardless but Disney have not come out well out of the whole thing. Their PR handling has been a shambles. And it show up the sites who swallow what the reps say without checking or questioning.
Also returns and refunds do not appear in sales rankings... although regrettably I don't expect there will be that many.
They'll still make loads of cash, but the amount of flack they're getting is not positive. The release was handled terribly. I'm a bit surprised. They manage to handle releases of their cartoon features quite well (they always have BD+DVD versions, for instance).
So when they said it would be unfair to ask fans to shell out again for the commentary edition that means they'll exchange them for free when it comes out, right? Right? Hello....?
I want the commentary and film i saw in cinemas. This whole not wanting to make fans spend more makes me laugh because (as i said in other thread about this) there are exclusive versions in HMV, sainsburys, tescos etc so if a fan wanted to get the most complete edition possible in uk at mo, they would have to spend way over the odds to get it at mo

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