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September 19 2012

What do we want to see in the Joss Whedon SHIELD Series? SFX bloggers do their best to answer the question.

Enver's NYPD guy!
hmm, interesting choices. Is the Contessa Valentina Allegro de Fontaine still a character? (Or, heck, even Jasper Sitwell or the Gaffer or Danny Wu.) Again, haven't read any MArvel comics since the mid-late 80s but, unless their worst sins have been retconned out of existence, I hope Moondragon and Doc Samson stay (in the words of Judge Colt) dead-dead-dead.
Ummmmm. I want Jessica Jones from Alias. I want the Runaways, especially Molly. Cloak and Dagger would be cool too.

Also, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and DOCTOR STRANGE!

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Personally (very personally) I don't want anyone I know to be in the series. I'd like it to be its own thing with its own characters and without cameos. But perhaps that's not the best approach for a wider audience or Marvel fans. I used to read Marvel comics myself but I mostly read comics from the 1960's in compendiums when I was a child. Happily, I don't make television programmes for a living so I don't have to worry about it. Whatever way they go with this, good writing and acting will probably be good enough for me.

I love Doctor Strange and would love to see a film or TV series based on him; but I don't think he'd be at home here. Though I suppose the occasional episode with occult and mystical elements could work just fine.
Rogue LMDs will no doubt play a part. I wonder if they'll borrow from Hickman's series and talk about the historical origins of SHIELD.
Vic Mackey.

Wait, what are we talking about?
That Brand/SWORD idea is freaking awesome and could tie into the cosmic focus for GotG and Avengers 2. Otherwise, I'd really like for Cobie Smulders to turn up just because it'd mean that HIMYM has been canceled. She wasn't very convincing as Maria Hill but she could acquit herself if given room in a series. Introducing some of the low-powered, C-List heroes would be good. Ones with more passive powers so that there could still be a spotlight on SHIELD agents.

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