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September 19 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike #2. The Season 9 adventures of Spike continue in the second part of the "A Dark Place" mini-series.

I'm running a lot today but I'm going to try to get my copy in some time today.I'm pretty spoiled on the issue though and it does sound interesting.
This issue was an oasis after Buffy's fiasco last week. Nice dialogue, humor, good lines, nice art, no plot holes. Spike fights like a lefthanded, which he is, some other artists have totally forgotten about that, DH included, well done Mr Lee.

Gischler does a good job with Spike's voice, he's smart and clever and sarcastic, and does a good job giving us Spike's inside thoughts. Bugs are funny, Sebastian will become a fan favorite.

Morgan appears in the issue, good chemistry between her and Spike. Satanic form when changing into a demon? Certainly puts you in thoughts about who she really is and what she wants.

I'll cut myself short, this issue seemed to have all that Buffy's title is missing: inner thoughts, humor, good fighting, makes you think and wonder, keeps you interested, want to read more.

When DH wants, yes, they can give us nice stories and good art. Let's hope they'll keep on the good job with Spike's 3 remaining issues and that they'll do something ASAP to improve Buffy's title.
Much better than the previous Spike issue - this one had some actual story, and lasted a few pages longer than I was expecting (I thought the introduction of Morgan might be the end of the issue). Art is decent, but definitely not up to the level of Rebekah Isaacs, especially in terms of recognizing characters (took me a bit to realize that no, I hadn't met Morgan before, and who the final two characters were).

Looking forward to the rest of the mini-series.
I wonder how Spike knows Nash and Pearl already?
I haven't read the issue yet but wasn't Spike monitoring Twilight/Angel online in Season 8? Maybe saw them there.
Aw goodie. Spike's sarcasm is back. Of course the trick is to actually stick to your epiphanies.
I'm going to pick up both last week's Buffy issue and Spike issue 2 today. Can't wait. I'm loving getting to read so much of the Buffyverse in a month :)
Of course the trick is to actually stick to your epiphanies.

Angel never did. :)
And Spike always thought epiphanies are for ninnies. :)
In any case, the gal in black leather is a Succubus. They do feed on sexual energy and romantic feelings. Spike must feel like five course dinner for her. Wonder if that's how he is going to change - by finding the hard way not to give in to a demon that feeds on unrestrained sexual feelings.

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Wowowow! Such a huge improvement from last month's issue! I truly liked it. Its only flaw might be Pearl and Nash's depiction, though I believe Isaacs has spoiled the lot of us with her incredible art. All in all, a really good issue that's got me wanting more Spike (unlike the first part, though I love the Buffyverse, so I had to give it another try =P ).

And dorotea , your idea on the Succubus might be spot on! I dig it! I love it! I want it now!
I have my copy of Spike:A Dark Place # 2 of 5.

I've been so busy all day that this is the first chance I've had to pick my comics up and read any of them.I started with Buffyverse first like i usually do followed by my DC and Marvel books.

Anyway,first of all,I continue to like Paul Lee's art.Art is always subjective but i continually find his work journeyman like.Not flashy but it gets the job done for me and never looks off or unusual IMO.

I thought this issue had more meat to it.We still have Spike's inner thoughts but now more of a direction of the story.

As for where things may be going based off Spike's inner monologue,I have my on ideas but I'm not really ready to commit yet to them.

The introduction of Morgan.Yes I got the Black Widow/Avengers comparisons too.

I also got the chemistry vibe with Spike as well but I'm not going to make any guesses how this will go.

I believe this is the first time a Succubus has been used in the verse isn't it?I remember back when the show was on the air wondering why they never used this type of demon.It would certainly work in the verse,On the other hand,I had a crazy idea of there being a episode of Buffy using the Headless Horseman legend too(It was around the time Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow was out in theaters.)

The stuff with the shards are very intriguing and instantly made me think of Willow and her own quest going on currently in Angel & Faith and then continuing into her mini.I suspect this will all converge at the end of the season.

We also have the arrival of Pearl and Nash which Victor Gischler and Christos Gage revealed was coming a few weeks back.

Two questions popped into my mind after this issue.

1)Does this take place right after their last appearance in Angel & Faith last month?

2)Does Spike know who Pearl & Nash are and their connection to Twilight/Angel?

The vibe I got was he does.But I could be reading into his Flowers in the Attic line at the end of the issue.Either way,this could be the setup for Spike heading to Angel & Faith after his mini.

So far I'm ranking Spike:A Dark World above Buffy but behind Angel & Faith.I think Gischler has Spike's voice down and I'm definitely interested in the rest of the story.
Yeah, I would not have expected that the Buffy comic would be the worst of the three.
I was surprised by this issue. After being disappointed by issue 1 I thought that this one picked up the slack and was an enjoyable read. I still can't get over the fact that spike was on the moon with demons and he still has the talking bugs. I'm hoping that the series has the bugs find there way and we see the last of them in the Buffyverse.
I agree, A_Leaf. I don't mind the bugs in this story (in fact, I think they're the most enjoyable things in it), but I would like them gone at the end of the mini series and for Spike to start living in the real world (or as real as the Buffyverse gets).

Ideally for me, both the bugs and Morgan will be gone at the end of the story. Maybe they can take her home.
I really like the bugs, and will miss them. But it does seem to me that they'll be gone at the end of the mini. There's all that play on the word "home" in the issue. Spike sees SD (or more accurately the people in SD) as the home he's tied to. The bugs want to bring Spike back home to their ship. I think it all spells heartbreak for the bugs, and I think that makes me sad for them, even though, of course I don't want Spike to decide to make his home with the bugs.
lol, "I don't want Spike to make his home with the bugs" is just a funny sentence. LOVED this book, and almost decided not to buy it after the last few Buffy's and the last Spike book. SO relieved they're going to be telling a quality story with the Spike book. I thought they just going to blow it off.
Can we get a link to this thread where the Angel and Buffy comic threads go? Now that we know it's a good book?
Maggie, I agree that the bugs were depicted with humor and sensitivity in this issue, and I'm hoping that when they go (and I agree that they will be leaving soon) Spike will empower them to go home and be happy without him. I don't want to see any heartbroken bugs!

I was encouraged to see Spike's story dove tailing with 'Angel & Faith', which is a really interesting story. But although the artwork is recognizable and easy to follow, it is still flat and boring. There are so many brilliant comic book artists, it is hard for me to enjoy these visuals (but at least I didn't find them annoying like in the most recent BtVS issue).

But basically 'Spike #2' wins the prize for most improved.
Still haven't gotten mine. I have to find a better source than ordering them on line. Takes too long!
Can we get a link to this thread where the Angel and Buffy comic threads go?

I forgot to do this yesterday, it's done now. Thanks for the remember. I quite liked this issue, loved Spike's last line.
Finally got mine yesterday! Sheesh, between a 6 day wait and and 3.49 shipping charge I'm gonna have to start braving the shops.

I liked this a lot. For the first time in a long time, I heard voices rather than read words. And the main bad guy sounded just like the loan shark from Tabula Rasa. :)
Something about the "scrounging for leftovers" panel gave me pause, but I'm not sure why.
Art, writing, I really liked both, although it did seem a bit sponsored by a cigarette company at times. Talk about product placement!
Still, it felt like Spike, this fan is content.

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