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"Ha ha HA! Mine is an evil die!"
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September 19 2012

S.H.I.E.L.D.E.D. by Adam Levermore. Spot the Buffyverse cameo.

I think this is officially the best cover letter, EVER!
I hope Joss, Mo, and Jed take notice and hire him for something. He's very talented. If you have time, read the post accompanying the video. He explains that he designed practically everything in the film, down to the badges.
Do check the other blog entries. He's got shots of some of the props, and the newspaper, for example, includes Easter Eggs for the donors to the project.
That was very cool - like his work.
This is very cool, great fun.... And I loved LOVED seeing Amber in the finale shot!
Be sure to watch all the way to the end for the final scene (and your name if you were a donor). Well done, lexigeek and friends!
Heh. That would be an important qualification for the show...
Fantastic! I hope you get the job!
So excited about this! Yay, Adam!
Now THIS is how to get a Whedonite's attention. Love it.
That was a total amount of fun. Good luck Adam!
This video proves one thing beyond the shadow of a doubt: Amber Benson needs to be a SHIELD agent.

Also, the art design stuff was cool, and the whole video was just fun. Hope Adam gets the job!
No offense to the Whedony connection of Amber, but I'm mostly rooting for Taryn to get noticed by the SHIELD powers that be through this. (I mean outside of Adam.)

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Glad this is here. Lexi IS one of our own, and an original. Nice to see everyone's support! :D
This is awesome!
Thanks for the kind words everyone :) And thanks, Simon, for posting this! I'll definitely let you all know if anything comes of it!
Wow, that was great! Surprised to see you in action Lexigeek, I didn't think you came here anymore...glad to see you are alive and kicking!

And I really hope this earns you a job on the show. They would be lucky to have you.
There's no way some kind of job won't come out of this (I hope). That video is superbly done and funny and everything it needs to be, AND it has Amber Benson in it. That's one step removed from the Whedons!

Good job guys. I tweeted it to Mo.
I never particularly doubted they'd see it, but it's kind of beyond the call, as it were, to publicly acknowledge it.
Beautifully done. Be very proud.

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