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September 19 2012

(SPOILER) Character confirmed for Avengers 2.

Um.. the spoiler is IN the title..
What they said. Also....The First Weevil...Veronica Mars fan I take it? :)
Agreeing with the previous 3. But this was pretty obvious to anyone who stayed after the credits for Avengers.
Well, I suppose the Guardians of the Galaxy could have gotten rid of him, but that would have been anticlimactic.
Wait, Thanos! No! Now I know! I never saw that coming! Uh uh. Nossir.
Is it pronounced Thanos or Thaynos?
Can I mention that the spoiler is in the title too?
According to Whedonesque tradition - and possibly rules - this qualifies as a spoiler. A better title would just mention "Certain character confirmed for Avengers 2."
krissyjump, actually no. Been using this handle since aught-two. Love the Veronica Mars, though. Happy accident.

(Edit: Holy crap. Just dawned on me it's been ten years.)

Squishy, pretty sure it's Thah-noss.

Where's a mod when you need one, eh?

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spoiler: Thanos will kill all of the Avengers except Black Widow.
This will finally allow a Black Widow movie to be made (to the great horror of Disney and Marvel).
or preferably they will die in the first 10 minutes, so that Avengers 2 can itself be the Black Widow Movie.
How will she defeat Thanos without The Avengers, you ask?
It's called the Infinity Gauntlet.
Using her verbal skills, she will convince Thanos to hand it over. Then the movie will switch to a 2-hour espionage flashback (ie. Black Widow The Movie), explaining how she became the master manipulator with the ability to convince Thanos. Finally it will return to present day just in time for Widow to punch through his head (after toying with him first), The End. The after-credits sequence is a funeral for all the Avengers. The after-after-credits sequence is a funeral for Thanos (attended only by Death).
Avengers 3 will star Black Widow, Pepper Pots (as Rescue), plus Captain Marvel (the new one), Wasp, She-Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Storm, and Jessica Jones, played by whedonverse actresses (Gina Torres as Storm). Their villain will be the zombie-Avengers. Joss will make a guest appearance as spider-man (but which side will he choose??).
meanwhile every character on SHIELD will be an LMD of Black Widow, except for Nick Fury and the real Black Widow, and spider-man who occasionally pops by (when he's not eating brains).
Yeah.... that's not going to happen.
Please don't describe spoilers in your headline or description. That was just tweeted to 50,000 people :/

Oue 'extended description' field is even labelled:

"Extended description (do not describe spoilers in this field)"
Around the comic shop, we always referred to the character as, Thay-Nose. (but with the s sounding like an s, not like a z)

Also, is anyone else getting their COS Play Infinity Gauntlets ready?? (if you own the Thor movie, you can catch a glimpse of it in Odin's vault)
Theoretically it should be a short A (sAck), long O (tOw) and hard S (boSS). It's a derivation of the Greek Thanatos.
Well, with Joss writing a character who is obsessed with the Marvel representation of Death, the question is who is going to be killed off?

As probably one of the most famous storylines with Thanos in it, starts off with him killing off half of the universe's population (including half of the population of earth) all to try to impress Death.
Didn't we already know this from watching the first Avengers movie?
Hardly worthy of its own topic, but for those interested in He Who Shall Not Be Named In The Title Of This Topic:

Some of Thanos's early appearances (including the two Annuals which Joss has mentioned as his inspiration) have just been reprinted in Essential Warlock vol.1. That is to say, I got my copy in the mail today, so I assume it's just come out.

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