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September 19 2012

Firefly premiered 10 years ago today. "A captain's goal was simple: find a crew, find a job, keep flying."

I'm throwing an anniversary rewatch via #Firefly10th. The catch/hook/twist? We'll be watching in original air date order, celebrating the anniversary of each episode as it comes up. So, yes, that means the original, out-of-order order.

Think of it as a reenactment.
Ha, that's neat b!x, but I think I'll just stick to the proper order for my own rewatch. Also wearing as much Firefly related stuff over the next few days :D
It was a really great show, and I miss it.
C'mon, live a little. Why watch the same old way yet again. ;)
Like Lioness, I will be watching "The Train Job" and saying out loud "Where's the girl in the box? Didn't the commercial show a girl in a box?".

Although maybe not out loud, since I'll be at work (and on west coast time since east coast is too early for me to take a break).
I believe today is also Captain Mal's birthday. What a crazy random happenstance, right?
Shouldn't we rather celebrate the day of the DVD release? ;)
We can celebrate the DVD release, but that's next year. ;)
So much water has flowed under the bridge. I am right in thinking that the UK got to see the unaired episodes before the US ever did?
Celebrating by spamming my tumblr and then watching the proper episode 1 'Serenity' tonight.

I was visiting a friend in Boston when Firefly premiered, so it was the only Whedon show I saw the premiere for on the night it first aired in America.
I wouldn't have been here, without Firefly.

"Ah, I love this ship show."
I will tweet "I don't like the theme song. This show is way too hokey with the cowboy stuff. Horses?! Why are they talking like that? Whats with the chinese?" as that was my original thoughts when I aaw Trainjob.
Happy anniversary, Firefly! You're still my favorite. :-)

Interesting idea for celebrating, b!X. I think I even have *gasp!* full-screen copies from iTunes with the original intros. Though, I don't know if I can handle actually watching it that way over a Blu-ray copy.
The opening narrations were never put on DVD, were they? I was wondered about that, Mal and Book's VOs adds to the episodes.
@Simon, I don't believe so, no, which is a shame because the narrations are quite awesome.

The full-screen, though, may make me want to break things.
What would really be "fun" would be to find my VHS taped copy of the original airing ... though I'd then have to find and connect a VCR as well:) Long live Firefly! Happy Anniversary!!
Are those opening narrations on YouTube somewhere?
I believe the opening narrations are on Hulu. I only saw the show from the DVDs, where there are no opening narrations, so when I rewatched on Hulu I was surprised.

Happy 10th, Firefly.
Opening narrations are definitely in on the versions of Firefly on Netflix streaming.
Every year that passed since the cancellation I thought about what season the show could've been at by that point. It's crazy to think it's been ten years now! I don't think they would have gone to ten seasons, but whenever I imagine whatever run the show could've had if it weren't mistreated in its infancy... it really depresses me. To be so great so early, and have so much promise, and then to be cut off before having a chance (not even a full season).

Firefly is still my favorite tv series of all time, I am and ever will be a Browncoat. The Browncoats are the most diverse, most welcoming community I've ever encountered and I am proud to be a part of this awesome group (and the broader group of Whedon fans).

Still flying.

ETA: Also, I wish they had included the original opening narrations on the dvd/blu-ray in some form - even as extras. And speaking of extras, there was a lot of great content on the original official Fox Firefly website, including many video interviews with cast and crew that I really wish they'd put on the discs.

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Keep flying, Serenity. You'll always be in my heart.
I remember watching watching every episode for the first time and how excited I was. I miss that little show as much as ever. They should release a new blu-ray with the opening narrations and some celebrity geek-outs about it like we've had for Doctor Who (on BBC America anyway). Would be a nice companion to the new DVD.

It's my favorite show too.
I would happily triple dip on Firefly if they released a new Blu-ray. Add in commentaries on the remaining commentary-less episodes. Throw on the Reunion panel video as an extra. Add in the videos from the original Fox site, the original opening narrations (put them back at the beginning of the episodes for best effect - some of them you can even hear the very tail end as if it was just lopped off for dvd). Put the COMPLETE gag reel on, rather than the butchered version. Put the unaired version of the pilot as an extra, and add more deleted scenes from all the episodes. And perhaps a new documentary about Firefly's lasting influence (i.e. on shows like BSG, scifi, and the tv landscape.)

Much can be done to make it a worthy tenth anniversary edition. ;-)
I think this quote from Serenity sums up my feelings: "Love. You can learn all the math in the 'Verse, but you take a boat in the air that you don't love, she'll shake you off just as sure as the turning of the worlds. Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' 'fore she keens. Makes her a home."

And it was my home, all those times when I was feeling down, I could just escape to this fantastic world.
I remember catching The Train Job on TV when I in residence at university and when I was home to visit my parents. I liked what I saw but didn't fully grasp the awesome until the boxset came out afterwards...pity :S

Still! Ten years on, we're still here and Joss is riding mighty high, the cast has lots of awesome stuff they're doing and the Browncoats are still flying. Not much more to ask for...other than the other seasons we lost back ;P
I found this Cinescape article the other day from April 2002.

Joss Whedon has decided on the effects house which will be creating the FX shots for his far future space show, FIREFLY. Radium is the lucky FX shop, and it’s got a heavy load for the first episode, titled “Serenity” (that’s also the name of the main ship, a Firefly class space ship).

According to the specs for the job, the first two hours of the show will have 80 digital shots of not only starships but also synthetic people and aliens.

The more we hear about this project, the more we want to hear. Here’s hoping Whedon can do for space adventures what he did for vampires with BUFFY.

Wow, fascinating quote, Simon. Synthetic people and aliens? Sounds like they were misinformed, because I seriously doubt the concept for Firefly ever included those.
Aliens might mean Reapers. As for synthetic? I got nothing. Though there is speculation that the Hands of Blue guys are cyborgs.
Still remember watching the premiere 10 years ago. When Mal kicked Crow into the engine, I knew this was going to be my new favorite show. Even out of order and missing episodes, it was still one of the best things on TV.
The non-DVD home video versions (iTunes, Netflix, etc.) seems to have the opening narrations.
It's interesting to think where the characters would be now, ten years on. Certainly still not together aboard Serenity (if the old boat is even flying). Where might their very public exposure following the Miranda event have tacken them?
Well, we're starting to get a small glimpse of that in the comics.
I posted a goodie on the Firefly10th Tumblr, relevant to today's interests.
Nice one The One True b!x - something new after ten years
Can't stop the signal, isn't it?
The spirit of the "Serenity" is much needed in a real world of growing inequality, inequity and waning freedom.
Heh, bix, that was a funny moment in the gag reel; cool to see it from "the other side." Sidebar: Nathan looks so incredibly young...

Interesting to think back. Ten years ago this month I fell in love with a TV show that would change my life forever -- inspiring me to higher heights, sustaining me in my lowest lows. Yes, just as I began college, my new friends made me sit down and watch a show better than anything I'd ever seen. I will always remember the first time I saw Buffy.

Yeah, you heard me. I was late to this party.

That was a strange month. I saw Once More With Feeling, Tabula Rasa, Fool for Love/Darla, and I think Pangs, possibly in that order. And then I started watching S1. Lucky for me my next-door neighbor had the S2 DVDs. I think I saw Firefly for the first time the Thanksgiving of 2003... in one night. Watched the whole show and then watched the sun come up.
What an amazing show. Ten years ago. Good lord. I almost can't believe it was that long ago. I've been missing Firefly for almost ten years. Still the most depressing cancellation ever.


But let this be a celebration! And we should be happy we still have Joss, and so many wonderful Joss projects in our life right now.
I don't know if this makes it any better, but I think I may never have discovered Firefly if it hadn't been cancelled.

The only reason I bought Firefly was because there was a 2 for 1 sale on DVDs at Barnes and Noble, and I was buying a season of Stargate Atlantis. I'd heard Firefly was good, and the whole thing was right there in one little box, no need to come back to buy season 2!

And wow, was it better than Stargate Atlantis.
Reviewed this awesome book that's coming out next month. Get it!
I didn't see it mentioned in that review, but for those wondering: yes, it's the three existing books bound together in a hardcover edition. But then it adds in some framable prints of the crew and a flimsy-paper reproduction of some currency from the show.
I'm too emotional to post.
Picture posted earlier today by Geek & Sundry on Facebook: LINK
'Firefly' is home and love. It's that simple.

Time for some thrillin' heroics!
I feel old... a bit sad at this news.
I managed to hold it together when I posted the first time but now you guys are making me start to lose it (at work no less). It's no wonder Joss and Nathan (and most surprisingly, Tim) broke up at Comic-Con.

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