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September 20 2012

Avengers Blu-ray Controversy Day 4 - BBC "report" the issues. It got covered on Watchdog last night but as Bleeding Cool points out they didn't report it very well. Disney's PR blurb didn't get challenged.

Well that was ...pointless. Just a bit of filler really.
Where's Will McAvoy when you need him?
Came across that they hadn't really had time or the interest to look into it. Might try firing off an email or two linking them to more of the coverage, don't know if Watchdog has a Twitter feed.
Just checked my version, the Dutch one, and there's no missing spearhead ;-)
They say "Our DLT (Digital Linear Tape, required to replicate the disc) had to be delivered one month earlier than that required for the US pressing. So we missed out. We wanted it too."

Marvel have been planning this movie for five years. Yet they make it sound like they've never issued a DVD before, and somehow forgot to get the director to record a commentary in time. DVD extras have been a key element for years, planned the same way as the rest of the production. This is like Joss and all the cast turning up to the set and someone saying "Cameras! I knew I forgot something! I just didn't order them in time!"
watched it on my german bluray yesterday, the scene is edited, no spearhead :((((((( really regret buying it now, but more because of the missing commentary of course..
The Guardian article that Caroline linked says the American version (which has all the extras) is Region free. So, and I think Disney even suggested this, UK residents should just order the US version instead.
Yes, Mitholas! I can just hear Sorkin already penning the episode where the Avengers Blu-Ray debacle is covered in The Newsroom.
Does anyone know whether the DVDs for Estonia or Finland are edited?

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