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September 20 2012

(SPOILER) Buffy Principal to guest-star on 'The Big Bang Theory'. Ken Lerner, who played Principal Flutie on Buffy, will guest-star in the Oct. 18th episode.

That's the kind of wooly-headed liberal casting that leads to getting eaten.

Also: putting spoilers in the headline isn't terribly considerate, and adding a spoiler tag would be nice too.
Sorry, I didn't think it was spoilery. I've edited it.
I'm picky about spoilers even on shows like BBT where the focus is more on humor than plot. Thanks for editing it!

Also: nice handle. Best volume of S8 by far.
Also: nice handle. Best volume of S8 by far.

Thanks, I agree!
Oh, I was so hoping it was going to be Armin! But that's cool too.

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