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February 17 2004

Eonline story about Angel cancellation. Contains some quotes from Joss that I haven't seen elsewhere.

I like Joss's swipe at the shows that haven't been cancelled.

I know, not much of anything new, but it was good to read something (darkly) funny coming from Joss and not just the sad stuff from his Bronze post, etc.
I was about to post this - definitely worth mentioning. The article cites "a statement" released by Joss; wish we could find the full text of that. Overall, one of the most respectful, thorough and accurate articles I've seen so far.
I take issue with the description of Firefly as a "failed series." Kind of like Mal's contention that he wasn't on the wrong side during the war with the Alliance, just the losing one.
Nice analogy, Chris in Virginia.
Internet-based rumors about the potential special prompted the network to come clean about Angel's fate before arrangements were finalized.

Am I missing something here? Where were these rumours?
I didn't see any rumors, either. Could it have been something suggested on eonline or at the WB posting board? I don't really monitor many sites, to tell the truth.
Simon - I think they are refering 2 the zap2it article Greenwalt did - it hit the internet before the WB announcement to the press.

Also what the heck numbers are they looking at the fast overnight, cause Angel still holds a 4+ million viewing audience. acoording to other published reports coming from the Nielsens. Geez that is what ticks me off, also not to mention that the WB over all is only availible in 30% of the US household markets might be a reason for the numbers. I wnat to toss my cookies when reporters don't check the numbers before writing their story.
That quote's been running through my head a lot lately, Chris in Va. Go figure.

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