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September 20 2012

Official Cabin in the Woods t-shirts. And stickers, mugs, caps, tote bags, buttons and magnets too! If you live in the US, click here to get free shipping.

Meh. I want the secret/special t-shirt with Hadley/Sitterson silhouettes.
They were cool. I occasionally look on eBay to see if they're there.
I never saw the Hadley/Sitterson shirts. Is there a picture somewhere?
I just want a fully-functional "travel mug." :-)
There needs to be a merman shirt.
Wow that is cool. Thanks, Simon.
I know it's a cafepress store but I'm still slightly surprised they aren't even selling the promo "travel mugs."

I mean after that io9 thing Goddard did he did go out of his way to answer about half a dozen "where can I buy one of those" questions.
I had an idea for a t-shirt. A drawing of a cabin (simple, not a lot of detail with a hand drawn quality) with a hex grid over it.
I wish that shirt said, "I dare you to make out with that moose."

I, too, wish they were selling a fully functional travel mug. I would need to buy that.
I can't believe there isn't an "Am I on speaker phone?" shirt.
A fully functioning travel mug as in it also works as a bong? Me too! ;) For a giving as a gift, I mean.
I may or may not be quietly spending forever recolouring the shadow parts of that Hadley/Sitterson image pure black with the thought of printing my own.
Also randomly spotted a mistake on IMDB. The character is listed as "Richard Sitterson" when going by the first lines of the novelisation *and* the screenplay, it's actually Gary.

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