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September 21 2012

Drew Goddard does an AMA on reddit. Started about an hour ago. Spoilers for CITW I guess.

A video game? Oh man.
I was just thinking they should have made a video game a couple days ago! It's painful to know it almost happened. I would (still) buy it in a heartbeat.
Funny thing, I bought the Visual Companion and had been slowly constructing the main Cabin set in Worldcraft... which became the Source engine level creator known as Hammer, used for Half Life and L4D among others.
Yeah, I though a movie as well. Whatever.
Unless my memory is fooling me, Drew mentioned the mooted video game at the Woodhall Spa Q&A back in April. I think he said there was a tiny chance of it being revived at the time, which I suppose means no chance now. Shame.
I am such a huge fan of Drew Goddard.

Lies My Parents Told Me and The Girl in Question are some of my fav Buffyverse episodes, and his Spike/Dru comic is beautifully written!

Now I want Chris Hemsworth to officially be in Robopocalypse so that movie can have more Whedony people in it. :D
I wish I had gotten there in time. I still want to know which monster Marty's film reel was connected to.
He answered that on the io9 Q&A. It was Kevin.

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