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September 22 2012

A viewing guide to The Cabin in the Woods. Mania looks at what's on the infamous white board and suggests what movies we should watch.

Okay, this is a really fun article, and of course I'm in favor of anything that will increase sales of the CitW DVD (and I do think this will). I got my DVD the other day and I loved the extras about both the 'practical monsters' (like the merman, and the unicorn) and the 'digital monsters' (like the molesting tree, and the dragon bat). This is a movie that is even more fun when you slow it down to really look at the details.
Couldn't "Demons" be a reference to anything out of Buffy/Angel? And I don't understand the Christian Bale part in the following:

Kevin - perhaps the most interesting entry on the board. Internet speculation posits that this is a direct nod to Elijah Wood's character from Sin City (2005). The companion book notes that he's a normally shy, quiet guy, who is really an efficient serial killer. I think you should check out Christian Bale wearing only his bat birthday suit in American Psycho (2000).

Do they just like American Psycho and want me to watch it, or is Bale's character's name Kevin there as well as the Sin City reference? I'd much rather watch Sin City again, and nothing with Bale if I can help it.
I thought Kevin was a reference to George Romero's Martin. In the script Kevin kills by exsanguination.
@Ktara - Yeah, they're just recommending American Psycho, based on the idea behind "Kevin". Basically, there are a number of other movies you could choose from about shy, quiet guys who are secretly killing machines, all without Christian Bale. :)
I thought Kevin was a reference to "We Need to Talk About Kevin".
Didn't that come after cabin was written? Plus exsanguination.
The book came out in 2003.
Yes, but cabin was feeding on movie icons. I doubbooks factored at all
Molesting tree? I missed that the first time around. Gross. I guess I feel more sorry for the guards now.

Also, the merman seems more gross. I googled the movie that was suppose to have the merman, and I suddenly started to think about how monsters make monsters. Kind of obvious, I've thought of it before, but now I feel much more sorry for the people working in that place.
I still stick to my own, entirely unsupported theory that it is Kevin from the American Pie franchise. The most annoying creature ever spawned and my own personal demon.
My personal favourite Kevin (in that way - not referring to my brother Kevin.) Kevin
Yes, but cabin was feeding on movie icons.

It also fed on video games (FEAR from what I can tell) so it's not a stretch to say that books also influenced it.
I agree with embers, I was waiting for the DVD just so I could slow it down, pause, rewind and absorb all of the goodness (evilness). After spending the weekend watching it, then again with the commentary, and then again with the bonus view, I think I'm sated. My only major complaint is that, really, how could Drew and Joss not know that 'weed cards' are available in more than just CA? Seventeen states and counting, guys!
I think he's referring to the book, "We need to talk about Kevin."

Very disturbing and a mindful of think. Rather think of happier thoughts.
Interesting list- though I think the movies the author came up with are pretty much speculation. I've seen some interviews with Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard where they pretty much outright say they weren't referencing specific films in many instances- mostly reoccurring concepts/themes.
I don't pay that much for one film. (Okay, _The Lion King_ was alomost as much, but still.)

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