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September 23 2012

Buffy Season 8 sale at Darkhorse Digital. Megabundle for $55.

Ok -- Just to clarify .. are these digital, or real, paper-in-my-hand comics?
"Dark Horse Digital" would strongly hint towards the digital variety, no?
Does anyone know if these would be Nook friendly?
I don't think so? I know you can get the Season 8 trades at the Nook Comic Store.
Heading out to work my corner to buy this.
The last I've heard, there is no official Dark Horse app for the Nook, but for the tech-inclined, it is possible to sideload the Android app. Just please donīt ask me to explain how that would work!
After buying the digital issue(s), you can view them on the Dark Horse website, and after you click through the 20+ pages you can - in Firefox - select Tools > Page Info > Media, which displays a list of all the images on the page. Save each page's jpg, as 001.jpg, 002.jpg, etc. Then, having saved each page into a folder, compress the folder as a .rar file, then rename the .rar file as .cbr, and ta-da, you now have an "instant" (sarcasm) Comic Book Resource file of the comic book. Why do you have to do all that freaking work yourself? Because Dark Horse is terrified of Comic Book Resource files, even though they are the defacto standard format for comic books.
I'd maybe pay $25- not 55.

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