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September 23 2012

Danny Strong wins 2 Emmys for "Game Change". He won in Outstanding Writing for a miniseries or movie. "Game Change" also won for best miniseries or movie.

Congratulations to Danny Strong, the only Whedon actor I have had the pleasure to meet and talk with!!! What a great script, and a wonderful successor to Recount.
Congratulations to Danny Strong! This is very cool, and he was so calm and collected (I was impressed). Now I just hope it'll be out on DVD soon so I can see it!
Congratulations to Danny Strong! Superstar is starting to come true!
I totally want to see this movie. And \o/.

(Superstar is totally coming true. XD But Sherlock. :()
Earlier in the evening, Howard Gordon won for Homeland (and someone mentioned Morena.)
whoo hoo for Danny Strong. It was a great movie.
Morena's on stage now.
Morena looks beautiful, as usual. Congrats to her, as well.
Love this! Saved the show for me. Oh and Jane Espenson and Cheeks tweets.

Game Change is excellent and Danny Strong deserved the win. I actually found appreciation and some sympathy for what Palin was handed in 08. It really made me think about my own blinders and prejudices when it comes to politics.
Very glad both "Game Change" and "Homeland" won - deserving programs and couldn't happen to more gentlemanly folk than Danny Strong and Howard Gordon.
I still say that he was robbed of an academy award for his role in The Matrix.
Dang, I'm still recoving from "Recount"!

This kid is good.
When I watched this film I had to google "Danny Strong" to see if its writer was the same guy I knew from Buffy. Congrats!
Madhatter ""This kid" was metaphorical, right, like between teammates? (I hope, since he's only a year younger than ALy and Emma *grin.)
Who would've guessed, when seeing Jonathan in early Buffy episodes that he'd eventually win Emmy's for scriptwriting. What a world. It's so funny to feel proud of someone you don't even know. And only because they had a recurring role on a TV show that ended almost 10 years ago.

Congratulations Danny! This really is amazing.
And congratulations to Inara for beating Saffron again...
I applauded when Danny won. I still am.
I was so happy to see all the wins for Game Change. Great movie, and Danny Strong was such a cool cucumber when he picked up his Emmy, so suave and confident.
I do need to congratulate Morena: not only did her show win an emmy, but she got 'runner up' best dressed in ET's best dressed list (number two isn't bad when there were so many amazing dresses at the Emmys last night!).
So excited for Danny! Game Change was well done across the board. Great script, great acting.
Congratulations to Danny and the cast of Homeland for their respective wins!

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